Hair Down There? 7 Ways To Deal With Those!

By- Shreya Sharma

Hairs down there are quite frustrating to maintain. Many of us go to lengths to maintain those in between your legs latches by shaving, waxing, laser treatment etc. It is one topic we do not like topic about and whether you have it or not is just a mystery. The skin on your lady part is the most delicate one as a single wrong step can put us at a risk of bacterial infection, burning, itching or anything worse. We need to keep it clean, hygienic and tidy. These are some simple ways to deal with your hair down there at your lady part.

  1. Wash it regularly

Wash your V area regularly with a gentle soap. This area is quite sensitive and using harsh soaps and shampoos can cause infection and swell up the area turning it red.

  1. Trim your hair

Nobody likes long hair over there plus it is quite un-comfortable too. It is better to trim your hair short regularly. Do not use a very sharp blade scissor to avoid any mishap. Be extra careful while trimming them out.

  1. Waxing/hair removal cream

Waxing is one effective way to get rid of your lady part hair; though it can be a bit painful. Frequent waxing is not advisable. You can also use hair removal cream for vaginal hair but make sure it suits your skin type as it may cause itching and irritation.

  1. Laser treatment

Laser treatment is now one mainstream way to get rid of unwanted hair. If you can spend heavy money for that hair, then you can opt for laser treatment. This too can be a bit risky so make sure you get it done by some experienced hands.

  1. Shaving

Shaving is one cheap and handy way to keep those hairs at bay. But be careful while doing it and buy new razors to prevent infection.

  1. Keep that area dry

Moist wet area leads to infection and bacteria. So keep that area dry to avoid infection, itching and skin irritation. Use 100% cotton clothes for that area.

  1. Keep them as it is

The hair over there are only to protect your skin and it is okay to keep them as it is as long as it is not making you feel uncomfortable. Keep them clean and hygienic to avoid any serious infection.

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