12 Mistakes *Mature* Women Never Make When In Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you are confident, you know how to bring that in every aspect of your life. You know your self-worth and you do not need people to boost you up and tell you what you are capable of. Having a man who supports you is awesome, but being a mature woman, you know what values the most and this leads to a hassle free relationship for you. Here are 12 mistakes mature women never do when in the relationship.

  1. Not trying to control things

They know how little control they have over things, so they do not fight to control things or try to manipulate things in their favor. They just enjoy the ride that life offers. They take control and pick fights when they know it is necessary.


  1. No need for constant confirmation

They know their worth and do not require others to tell them all the time. They will never sacrifice their values for anyone. Compliments are accepted and appreciated but they do not need a constant validation to feel good about themselves. They are positive within.

  1. No comparison with others

They are confident enough and know how lovable and awesome they are within. They boost their self-esteem by doing high esteem acts. They know they are awesome and thus they do not need to compare themselves to other women to feel good about themselves or to see how they are doing.

  1. No gossips

They treat people with respect and kindness, so they do not gossip or talk bad about others. They are wise women and they never continue to spread the bad words about someone. Gossip ends at them.


  1. No slut-shaming

They are in harmony with other woman and prefer kindness. They do not slut-shame others for the clothes they wear or for their sexual life. They know slut-shaming only indicates your insecurities and it never does any good to anyone.

  1. Being in sync with their feelings

They are in sync with their feelings, thoughts, and actions. They do not hide their feelings, they know what they want and why. They are strong enough to deal with their feelings, no matter how uncomfortable it might be.

  1. Focus on their needs

They know about their needs and take the action to fulfill their needs. They never neglect their need and try to meet them. In any relationship, they ask for what they need and demand the need to be fulfilled. They prefer to leave if they are being mistreated.


  1. Follow their intuition

They are in tune with their intuitions. Their intuitions communicate with them about what they need to know. They never disregard their instinct and trust their intuition more than trusting others.

  1. For them, the glass is half full

They do not have the pessimistic approach towards life. They wear a positive lens that helps them go through the good and bad times.

  1. Never avoid opportunities

They do not miss out on opportunities out of the fear of failure. They believe in trying rather than missing out on the opportunity. They try new things every day even if they fail.


  1. Peer pressure does not affect them easily

They know what they are and it is difficult to shake them and change their belief and values. They do not do the things that are against their values out of peer pressure. They are not easily convinced.

  1. Not afraid of being alone

They are not terrified by the idea of being by themselves. You won’t find them in mediocre or toxic relationships because they would rather be alone than being with a wrong person. They prefer to stay by themselves because they know it shapes them into a better person.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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