11 Stages Of Having A Crush On Someone!

By- Shreya Sharma

You’ve got a CRUSH!!! This is that phase when your friends have full license to tease you. When they sing for you in chorus “kuch to hua hai, kuch ho gaya hai” and you shy away saying that there is nothing to be so happy and tease about. But actually you just love that. It’s like being high and not even taking drugs. Yayy Everybody Wins!! You are always trying to look your best whenever they set their eyes on you. You get jealous when your crush gave more attention to some other girl which automatically becomes your swore-enemy. And now finally have someone who you can drunk-text totally!!  Here are the stages of having a crush on someone.

  1. You just look at them and have those giggles with in and your heart just bloats with happiness and you wonder why so?
  1. But then you wonder why your eyes are acting like a magnet and moving over him only.


  1. You feel awkward at his sight. Your heart wanting to have a glimpse of him but that awkward shy-ness does not let you raise your eyes.
  1. Then you share about your shy-ness and awkwardness with your BFF and ask them about that particular guy.
  1. You yourself try to search about him on Facebook, Instagram or anywhere possible.


  1. Then there you have him in your dreams (clichéd enough)
  1. Now, you are just head over heels crazy about him.
  1. You admit to your friends about your infatuation. And no more shy away.


  1. You look for him and ask your friends openly about him.
  1. Each and every song seems beautiful, your heart dances to every beat and so do you. This world seems to be an altogether new, beautiful place.
  1. Your friends try for you to interact with him and tease you as much as possible.


  1. And then the miracle happens; you actually get the opportunity to interact with him.
  1. But even then you feel awkward, you want to keep calm but you end up fumbling up.
  1. Gradually you learn to stay calm and cool and befriends with your crush and there you go.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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