17 Signs You Have The Coolest Mom In The Whole Damn World!

By- Shreya Sharma

My mom is the coolest thing that can ever happen in my life. She is my support, confidante, makes me laugh and wipes away my tears. She is the reason why I have grown up the way I am. She can go crazy with me or even more than me while still knowing that she has to be a mother as well. Oh, I just love her. We all do! We all can brag for hours about how great a mother we have. Here are 17 signs you have the coolest mom in the whole damn world.

  1. She is one of your best friends

She knows more or less everything about your life. You have regular hangout sessions just the way you have with your friends.


  1. She plays the role of mother first

She is your BFF but she is your mother before and she makes sure that you put your best. She can put you in place when you really need it.

  1. She always listens to you

Whenever you need advice, you know she is there. She will always listen to you without any judgments and guide you to steer your life in the right direction.

  1. She is your cheerleader

She is always there to motivate you and encourage you to live your dream. She is your constant support. She will push you to attain your goal even when you have the least of expectations.


  1. You have your inside jokes

You have your inside jokes and you are constantly giggling to each other.

  1. You stick to your mom at family gatherings

You always stick to your mom at family gatherings so that you can know who is who, and you can spare the trauma of odd stories.

  1. She puts your family first

She might have an awesome job or social life, but for her, family comes first. She knows how to celebrate every occasion.


  1. She cares for you

She wants to know how your life is going on a regular basis and she will try her best to rectify your situation if there is something wrong.

  1. She keeps an eye but does not hover

You know she always has a watchful eye on you to know you are on right path. She stays relatable so that she can make you understand things for her experience.

  1. Everyone loves her

Your friends want to hang out with your mom and are eager to come to your place just because this way they get to meet her.


  1. She is hilarious

She has a perfect balance of being the hilarious, strong and wise woman. She has a fabulous sense of humor, people drool over.

  1. You care about her endlessly

Your mom might drive you crazy because she has your best interest at heart. You might get mad at her, but you cannot love her less or leave caring for her.

  1. She is an old wise kid at heart

She has made the same mistakes as you do now. She knows you will do the same too. She uses her wisdom to help you whenever you need it or whenever it may come handy.

  1. Your mom is your ideal

Your mom rocks way more than you. When people ask you about your ideal, you have a straight answer and they know it is your mom only.


  1. You cannot imagine your existence without her

If you are like me, you too might find it hard to imagine or spend even a single day without her. She has helped you become who you are now and you cannot thank her enough.

  1. She lets you make mistakes

She knows that you need to make your own mistakes, and she’s always there to help you back up. She knows she cannot live your life and it is necessary to fall in order to understand how to stand up back on your feet.

  1. She is the most important person

Because you know you just need her in your life always.


Source – Tumblr

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