14 Times Our Girls Makes Us So Damn Frustrated!

By- Shreya Sharma

We have many names for those cute flesh balls on our chest. Some call them ladies, while others may call them girlies and some more personal names. It is like being blessed to have a perfect set of girls, but there are times when our girls make things tough for us. Initially when cannot wait to have them in our puberty, and when we have them, we have to wear those uncomfortable suffocating bras. They are the reason for the most inconvenience, thanks to guys and not to forget those feelings at inconvenient times. Sometimes having those fat balls on our chest can be so annoying. Here are 14 times your girls can make you so frustrated.

  1. Fancy bras are not for big ones

Large busted ladies often face the problem of dealing with the monotonous pale designs and colors. Women with smaller chest get the fun of racy-lacy bras with ribbons, gemstones, and colored embroideries but women with large breast get underwire, thick straps, smooth cups and no fun and flirty things.


  1. Hormones and boobs are frenemies

The relationship between our hormones and girls is quite complicated. At one hand, our hormones give us our femininity and sexuality. And on other hands, during periods, it makes our ladies so painful that wearing a bra is no less than a torture. Our girls look more round and voluptuous while PMSing. Pregnancy makes our girls go double the size. It is all so frustrating.

  1. Sports bra trauma

Doing exercise is havoc for women, be it running, twisting, jumping, bending or anything. The sports bra is painful for any women larger than a B cup. They do not have underwire and compress the breast making you gasp for breath before you hit the gym.

  1. Bras are expensive

Of course, there are designers who understand the needs of girls with the big chest and they are happy to deliver their needs. You just have to splurge money because they are way too expensive. You just have to decide between buying grocery for a month or bra.


  1. Sweating

Gym sweat turns out to be a hot mess. After the gym, sweat swing out of your ill-fitting bra is no less than a disaster. Ladies with large boobs usually get their sweat trapped on the underside. Smaller chested girls have to deal with sweat running down from their boobs to their stomach.

  1. Button down shirt

Button down shirts is no less than a horror for girls with large busts. They are willing to pay a heavy amount to get a comfortable button down shirt. It is frustrating for large bust girls to try multiple shirts that have comfortable button gaps.

  1. Some guys do not notice your face

Big busts call for more attention from guys and guys barely can go without noticing your busts. If a girl’s busts are on display, it could be because they could not find a perfect sports bra or cannot find a perfect button down shirt.


  1. Too big or too small

The ladies with large chest lament about how their chest gets negative attention. They have back pain, difficulty in the dressing which makes them super self-conscious. If we have small boobs, we want bigger ones and if we have bigger ones, we want smaller ones.

  1. Gravity is cruel

The larger the chest, the more prominent the force of the gravity. A good bra costs half your monthly rent. When the girls head south to retire, cheap, stretchy bras no longer cut it. You need firm and unwavering support, and it’s going to cost you.

  1. Weight gain, increase in breast size

With the change in weight, the size of your boobs too changes. Weight usually hits your belly and boobs. This makes it hard for you to buy clothes because you have no clue which size will suit you the best.


  1. Lose weight, decrease in breast size

You planned to be super active and lose weight and then you realized that there is loose in inch from your chest. The first place that loses the weight is your chest. And this is when you feel that all those pretty lacy bras and fitted shirts are going into a waste if this continues to happen.

  1. They change with pregnancy and breastfeeding

Pregnancy permanently alters your body. Your chest size may permanently increase. You could be left with full, round, bouncy fun balls or shriveled stretch-marked empty pockets

  1. The need to wear a bra always

Girls with small chests can easily skip the bras and go braless when they want to or can wear those cute strapless tops. But for big chested women, it is a must. They have to wear it under the sun, around the house and everywhere, else you have to hold your boobs to run the errands.


  1. Big chest means more back pain

The weight on the chest constantly pulls you forward. Having to constantly struggle against a front-loaded weight wreaks havoc on your poor back and spine, leading to pain, strain and a whole lot of hassle. It can decrease mobility, which causes weight gain, which causes more front loading.

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