17 Things YOU Should Tell Your Boyfriend About Your Ex!

By- Shreya Sharma

It is always confusing as to how much to tell to our boyfriend about our ex and what all to hide. We cannot completely hide about our ex from our man because they deserve to know about our past. But we know how guys do not like us talking about our ex in lengths. They kind of feel jealous and pissed off and compare themselves with our ex. It is not rude to talk about your ‘ex’ with your boyfriend but you should know the limit of it. Here are 17 things you should tell your boyfriend about your ex.

  1. The length of your relationship

This will help your boyfriend know about how serious you and your ‘ex’ were about your relationship. You just know the difference between 2 months and 2 years.


  1. The reason for dating him

There must be reasons why you used to like your ex and dated him. Tell your boyfriend!

  1. His name

There is nothing to hide your ex’s name from your man because he may like to stalk him on Facebook, just like you do.

  1. The reason that made you call things off

Tell him why your relationship could not survive so that he does not happen to make the same mistakes as your ex.


  1. If STD issues

If you have STD you got to tell your man because this is serious. He will wish to know who gave it to you, so just tell him if your ex is the one.

  1. Do you still talk?

He must know if you both are still in touch. And if he is not okay with it, you need to have some serious conversation.

  1. Where did you meet?

At work, at the college or at the super market? Let your man know where you met.


  1. What he looks like?

He may not ask about it, but he is sure curious about it. He wants to know if he is better than your ex.

  1. Who helped you set up?

If it was your BFF who helped you, then tell your man. He will know that your BFF might still be in contact with him.

  1. Things you disliked in him

Tell him the qualities you hated about your ex. It will help your man to know what qualities you do not want to be in him.


  1. If you ever run into him

If you and your ‘ex’ work in the same office or have the same college, then your man must know this. He will be prepared that you might run into your ex at some point.

  1. If you are still friends on social media

Let him know if you are still friends on Facebook or if you still follow him on Instagram.

  1. If he was your first somethings

He might not ask it, but he definitely wants to know about how many people you have been with. Tell him if your ‘ex’ was your first.


  1. If he is badass and dangerous

Give your man warning about your ex, so that he is prepared to be safe.

  1. If your phone still has his pictures

Do not hide this from your man. Let him know if you have his pictures. It will be the problem if he finds out.

  1. If you are still in contact with his parents

Let your man know if you still talk with your ex’s parents or siblings.

  1. You are over him

Tell him that you are completely over your ex so that he has nothing to worry about.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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