If He Does These 10 Things, He’s Not The One For You!

By- Shreya Sharma

Ever wondered the guy you are with is the one for you or not? Ever been confused about your love commitments? Had he made you wonder if your decision of being with him right or not? If yes, then this list will help you decide if he is the one for you or not. Here are the 10 things that he does which shows he is not the one for you.

1. He gets defensive when you ask about his weekend

You do not mind if he does things without you and you asked him just out of care but he feels it to be intrusion of his privacy and gets defensive which makes you wonder what you have done wrong.


2. He gets irritated when you ask to see his phone

You asked his phone just to make a phone call or show someone something but he acts difficult and insist on doing it himself or ask you to use your phone or someone else’s phone like he is hiding something.

3. He calls you names

Whenever he is upset, he calls you names and makes you feel guilt even when you have nothing to do with it. To show his power, he belittles you and calls you names.

4. He keeps on changing his stories

He will start telling you about his day and then he tells some different story about his day to someone else. This is not for once but almost a regular thing and it makes you wonder his honesty.


5. He turns his mistakes into yours

He is the one who mess up things and by the end it is you who is apologizing things because he manipulated you and turned things as your fault. He made you feel guilty even when it was you who was mad at him.

6. He treats you with double standards

He can go out and have drink and night out but when you do the same, he blows up and fights with you.

7. He gets angry when you do not want to have sex

Sex is not everything. You can do other things as well like going on dates but he gets angry when you are not in mood and make unreasonable accusations.


8. He talks bad about your family and friends

He does not respect your family and friends and thus talks bad about you. He might not even respect you. He takes them as an inconvenience and he has stopped meeting them.

9. He treats your periods like inconvenience

Periods are natural and you should be able to talk about it. He makes you feel gross during that time of month like you are some untouchable. He is unavailable when you are on your periods and he will not buy you pads or chocolates or will not give you massage.

10. He does not buy you things

Relationships should not be materialistic but buying a little thing to surprise your partner never hurts. You can’t remember the last time he ever got you anything. Let alone did something nice for you if he does not have the money.



Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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