8 Relationship Red Flags You Miss And What They Could Mean!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you start a relationship, you are usually wearing rose colored glasses and you overlook your partner’s flaws. You are blinded to the negativity he is bringing in your life. You are so obsessed with him that you do not see the harm he is bringing into your life. For you, everything about him is adorable. We need to accept our partner’s flaws in our relationship, but we should also not ignore the red flags. Here are 8 relationship red flags you miss and what they could mean.

  1. When he talks about his ex and how she left him in lengths.

You might feel he is in sync with his emotions and express himself to you. But this can be a sign that he is still not over her and you are just his rebound.


  1. When he takes too long to reply back to your texts.

You might think he is busy and work hard when you are not together. But it could be that he does not like talking to you that much.

  1. When all he talks about is his work

You might think he is work-oriented and ambitious, but probably he does not have any other interest and thus only talk about this.

  1. He gets jealous of another man in your life.

You might think, he is protective of you, but it can be the sign that he does not trust you and is intimidated by your guy friends.


  1. When he wants to spend every single second of his every day with you.

You might be excited that he wants to spend time with you, but does not that mean that he is being too needy. He will get disappointed if you are busy for him and he will throw fits.

  1. When in the initial days, he starts to post the picture of you two on social media.

You might think “oh, he wants to show me off”, but it could be because he wants his ex to see and get jealous.

  1. He will never take ‘no’ as answer

You might think that his persistence is a sign that he likes you, but think again, if he never takes ‘no’ for an answer, does he respect you?

  1. When he always makes fun of you

You might think, it is all fun, but he is being plain rude. You will gradually start to get hurt.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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