10 Important Reasons Why You Should Wait To Sleep Together!

By- Shreya Sharma

In the modern dating times, it is normal to meet someone and then jumping on the bed with them. Though it is a person’s own choice to decide when to sleep with someone, but there is no harm if you keep the idea on hold. Here are 10 important reasons why you should wait to sleep together.

  1. Do it when you feel right

Sit and think how you feel about the idea of jumping right into bed with someone you just met. If you feel right, then do it. And if you do not, hold yourself.


  1. Date the person first

Dating is a learning process. You slowly and gradually learn about the person. You talk with your friends about them and then it is easy for you to understand if he is the one. It is better to know him first before sleeping with him to save yourself from heartbreak.

  1. Sex changes you

During sex, the hormones causing the feeling of connection, happiness, love and closeness are released which usually tricks our brain to think that we have a deeper bond with that particular person. You cannot feel the same after sex biologically. And it can often create a false sense of intimacy.

  1. You can know him better when sex is not involved

When you right away have sex with someone, you fantasize about them and fall in love with the idea of them. But when you wait to sleep with him, you get to know about real him and can learn more about him.


  1. You can build real intimacy level

When you jump into bed with someone, you feel that you know them since ages and you wear the rose colored glasses. But if you hold on to have sex with him; you will have time to build true intimacy between you two. You will get to know each other and you will get to build trust.

  1. You will kick out the guys who are just in for sex

It is completely your choice if you want to sleep with the guy right away, but he might leave you once it is over. If you hold on to sex, then you will eliminate the guys who are in just to have sex. It is the great filter to bring you closer to a healthy relationship.

  1. You can understand about your compatibility level

The endorphins released during sex might make you ignore the red flags that can disturb your relationship. You might have made excuses for him and might have ignored his deal-breaker behavior because you are high in that mushy-gushy feeling. When you hold on sex, you have more time to understand your compatibility without being bias.


  1. If someone is interested in long-term, he will have no issues with waiting

People who want a long-term relationship will not have any problem with your choice to wait. They will respect you and your decision.

  1. If you have had any trauma, it is better to wait

If you have been abused sexually, then jumping right into sex can retrigger your memories and might make you shut down or freak out. It is better you know the person first, so you will feel safe with them.

  1. If you do not have sex, it is easy to forget him

If you jump into bed right away with someone and later realize that things are not working between you two, then you will be heart broken. While if you do wait to sleep with him, then you find out if it wasn’t meant to be and that will be less pain. It’ll take fewer days/weeks to get over him and your heart will be broken less.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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