10 Things Every Makeup Lover Can Relate To!

By- Shreya Sharma

If you visit the cosmetics section first when you visit any store in mall or if you check-out people to see their makeup and technique, then you are surely a make-up lover. You know all the makeup hacks and tricks and now you are a pro in this makeup game. Here are things every makeup lover will relate to.

  1. Your phone has 90% of makeup selfies/screenshots of Instagram’s makeup pages.


  1. It is rare that you have a bad eyeliner day.


  1. Nothing ruins your day like a mascara wand in your eye.


  1. You can tell the difference between the tones of red lip shades, like hey!! That’s ruby woo or coral red.


  1. You cannot stop yourself from looking at someone’s makeup and thinking about all things they could have done.


  1. The back of your hand never makes it out of a cosmetic’s store clean ever.


  1. You make a night of cleaning your makeup brushes and then wish you never did it again because it takes a lot of time to dry.


  1. If you like it, you can ask anyone about the lipstick they are wearing.


  1. You must have tried all the brands available and can be a brand guide for others too.


  1. When you want to buy lip shade but end up buying many of them along with other makeup essentials.


Source : tumblr, giphy

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