6 Things You Should Stop Thinking When In Bed!

By- Shreya Sharma

Most of us do not enjoy things in bed because we worry a lot about many things or have insecurities that stop us from feeling the ultimate pleasure. It is no fun, especially when you actually want to have some good time and feel the pleasure. There are some general things you might worry about like pregnancy, STDs or others but there are things you should stop thinking about in bed. Here are 6 things you should stop thinking when in bed.

  1. Whether your act makes you “slutty”

If a male sleeps with woman, he is called stud and is being praised. But if a woman sleeps with a man, she is called names and is often labeled as slut. Your sex life is your business and you should not worry about it. Focus on feeling good and getting pleasure rather than other things. Keep in mind, who you are sleeping with does not define you.


  1. How you look down there

Every vagina looks different and you are worried about the appearance of your vagina and public hair. No one is going to judge you on the basis of how your vagina looks and no one will care if it looks like the vaginas you have seen in porn or not. Even if you are embarrassed about your pubic hair, they will not care.

  1. Being vocal

It is like saying what you want, what you like and what you dislike and voicing the pleasure you feel. You need to be honest with this person about what you like and dislike. Do not fake your moans and groans. But definitely use them to show your pleasure to your man. Silent sex is awkward, so if you are a scream, do not feel ashamed.


  1. If you are loose down there

Women worry too much about if they are “loose” or “tight” down there. If your partner is concerned about this, you should not sleep with them. This is immature. It is a myth that having lots of sex, loosen up your vagina. You need not to worry about it and if you are with a respectable person, they will not even discuss about it.

  1. What you enjoy

Everyone has their own kinks and enjoy different things in bed. Your pleasure is important, so you need not to worry about or feel ashamed about your fantasies or about the position you like or any such thing. If your partner wants to do something new and you are comfortable with it, give it a try.

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  1. Your weight

While having sex, you are naked or have the minimal of clothes on. It can make you feel vulnerable. You need not to worry about this because the person you are having sex with, does not acre about your weight. They will find you attractive the way you are. They are attracted towards you to have sex with you and your weight does not matter to them.

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