9 Things We Stop Doing When In A Relationship For A Long Time!

Every relationship is all lovey-dovey in its initial stage. We care about how we look, what they love, how to surprise them and every little thing. Things grow and then we come to a stage where, nothing matters, things just pass. You know you are together and that is enough. You stop putting in your efforts.  These are certain things we stop doing when in a relationship.

  1. Giving space to one another

It all becomes about us. We do not like the idea of our partner going out with their friends. The much needed personal space does not exist anymore.

  1. No more of outings/dates

The ones who earlier used to be looking out for every single reason to meet and go on date, are now so busy that outings and dates cease to exist.

  1. No more of gifts

Earlier you used to gift one another things, every now on then. You had that urge to surprise your partner and do something special for them. But now, the gifting session is all about birthdays, anniversaries etc.

  1. Doing little things

Remember the time when you used to love doing all small and little things to make him happy and smile. When you used to cook for him or sing for him or just used play like a kid with him. It is all gone now; that spark and little doings are all gone now.

  1. Compliments

There are no more of compliments in your relationship now. You used to compliment one another for everything; for his shirt, for his hair cut, for the way he hugs. And now it is neither you nor him, who bothers to compliment and keep the charm alive.

  1. We stop noticing one another

There were times when the slightest of change in you was noticed and now the major changes too are ignored. Remember the times when he used to notice even a single mole on your face or the earrings you wear. But now it is no more the same.

  1. No more flirting

The phase of flirting no more exist. The best part of relationship is flirting, it makes the relationship so much fresh and the love alive. You love flirting and when it stops, things become too boring.

  1. We stop being friends

“Agar wo meri sabse achi dost nahi ho sakti to mai usse pyar kar hi nahi sakta” we start with this quote, thinking that we are good friends and thus it is easy for us to be in a relationship. But somewhere in middle we lose the friend we had in the starting.

  1. Lack of communication prevails

We do not communicate anymore. We feel “Jo jaisa chal raha hai, chalne do”. We are so busy in this paced life that we forget to communicate with our counterpart, the way we used to do earlier.

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