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10 Situations It’s Okay To Make The First Move!

By- Shreya Sharma

When it is obvious that someone likes us, we have no problem moving things forward, but when we are not sure, we are afraid of rejection and hold ourselves from making the first move. But you do not have to always sit and wait for things to start in your love life. Here are 10 situations when it is okay to make the first move.

  1. Send first text on dating app

If you never text first, then you need to ask yourself why? If you send the first text, you will get so many options to date and a better chance to meet the right one.


  1. If he has not asked you out yet

If you have been chatting with someone online for hours, chances are he wants to meet you in person. Instead of waiting for him to ask you out first, why do not you make the first move? You have nothing to lose, but you have a lot to gain.

  1. You have been flirting with him since long

You have been flirting for a while, you know you like each other and it is obvious to others as well. Instead of flirting, make the first move to know if things can go beyond.

  1. When you know your guy friend likes you

If he has not told you, does not mean that it is not true. It could be that he is afraid of your answer. If you have feelings for him, then why not ask him. A lot of relationships start with friendship.


  1. If you want to get back with your ex

It will be a huge risk because you will be putting your heart on the line. If you regret ending a relationship and you think that you should give it another shot, then you should talk to your ex. Maybe he too misses you.

  1. If you think about him 24*7

If you cannot stop thinking about him, and cannot get him out of your head, then these are a sign that you should ask him out. When you like someone, they are worthy of your time and efforts.

  1. When you hit it off immediately

There is no harm texting the guy you met at the party and hit it off immediately. You can ask him for a coffee; the worst thing that can happen is that he will say no, and nothing more


  1. If he is your dream guy

If you are out with your friends and see a cute guy sitting nearby, then you can make the first move. He might have noticed you too and might be too shy to approach you.

  1. If you see the same guy everywhere

If you meet the same guy at your gym, at the park or the coffee shop, you might ask him if he wants to hang out sometime. He might be single and would love to know you.

  1. If you want to control your love life

If you want to take control of your love life, then you definitely need to make the first move. Even if you don’t get a yes, you still won’t be sorry because you’ll be one step closer to the right person.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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