9 *Sexy* Foreplay Moves You Can Use In Bed!

By- Shreya Sharma

In the initial months, sex is fun and exciting. But as the time passes, it starts to become dull and boring and monotony. It becomes predictable and if you do not do anything to work better on it, then it will start to appear like a chore. You need to spice up your sex life and have more of foreplay to get things high and passionate. Foreplay is not just about moving your hands over your partner’s sensitive regions; it is an art of arousing your lover without getting your hands anywhere near their private regions. Here are 9 sexy foreplay moves you can use in bed.

  1. Explore his body

Kiss your man and run your hands along his back, arms or shoulders. Kiss his neck, arms, and rest of his body. If he moans, that means he likes what you are doing. Move your hands over his body or close your eyes and let your lips run over his body. It will make you both feel horny.


  1. Outside the bedroom

Sex becomes predictable within the walls of the bedroom. Initiate sex outside the bedroom. Sit down next to your partner while watching TV, and then innocently get closer to him. Stroke his hand or play with his fingers and kiss your partner and cozy up under the blanket. And you will end up having spontaneous sex.

  1. Do something unique and sexy

It will get boring to see the same thing every day and all the time, even in the washroom. Do something unique and sexy to change the numb feelings into sexual highs. Give your partner a sneak peak of your assets while you are in public. Sext each other, grind each other on the dance floor, undress slowly and ask your partner to make love to you.

  1. Kiss passionately

Take your time as a slow and sensual kiss can feel intimate and sexy. Close your eyes and place your lips on your partner’s lips and move your lips softly, slowly and purposefully. Breathe into each other and kiss your man the way he wants to be kissed.


  1. Talk dirty

Talk about your darkest sexual fantasies without the fear of being judged by your partner. It will bring you closer and you will feel more intimate while entering the new door of sexual life. You can talk dirty anywhere. Talk about any incidence or sexual fantasy.

  1. Use mirror

Place a long mirror horizontally right next to your bed. Get naked and play with each other’s body while watching yourselves in the mirror and you both will be turned on. Have sex while watching each other in the mirror.

  1. Watch a movie together

Watch a porn movie with a plot that you both enjoy.  Watch the movie and run your hands against each other. And after some time, you both will be ready to do the action yourself.


  1. Play naughty games

On a lazy afternoon or evening, just get into bed, and play a few dirty games. And once you start enjoying these games, you’d want to play them every single day.

  1. Work on your fantasies

Talk about your sexual fantasy with your partner and enact it with them. It could be role playing or anything that you want to do in bed. Talk about it while stroking each other and you both will be ready to enact it out.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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