8 Things You Should Avoid Doing Around Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

We girls are too conscious about ourselves already in front of the guy we are crushing over or are dating. Yet at times we get to much edgy and forget where to stop. Here are a few things we should avoid doing around our crush or man.

  1. Avoid using too much of phone

This one is from personal experience, DO NOT use your phone too much. Calling your friend or texting him in presence of someone you like can be too hazardous as it might offend them.

  1. Avoid talking about your ex

You should not keep on talking about your ex or comparing your guy with your ex. Boys hate this. They want you to talk about “us” more than anybody else.

  1. Avoid being too conscious about make-up

Do not be like “Is my kajal fine?”, “My liner is not running, no?” or “Ye lip shade sahi hai kya?” or checking out your make-up again and again, it disturbs and irritates boys way too much.

  1. Order a salad and eat all his food

If you want to eat, order for yourself whatever you want to eat. Stop ordering salad for yourself and eating all his food, leaving him with no other option than eating the salad you order for yourself being diet conscious.

  1. To poop and fart in front of him

This requires too much of comfort level in a relationship. Do not put him through this embarrassment. Once your pooping or farting image is set in his mind, it will be difficult for you to change that.

  1. Talking about your period in detail

We all including boys know, it is one natural process and we have no control over it. But talking about this bloody affair with them that too in detail will make them cringe.

  1. Meet up with someone else

This might be for the reason to make them jealous but boys certainly do not like the idea of their girl meeting up with someone else. Strictly avoid it.

  1. Value others more

They want you to talk about “us” rather than keep on ranting and blabbering about your relationship with your friends like “we did this, we did that”, “He said that, she did that”. They want you to value your relationship more than others.

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