5 Things You’ll Understand If You Are KAJAL Person!

You and your kajal perhaps has the most romantic, unbreakable affair in the world without any selfishness. Kajal has the power to make you happy instantly and boost your confidence. Girls love kajal and doing it properly, enhances the look and make one feel more beautiful. Being a KAJAL person, you will understand these points.

  1. When you do not apply kajal people think you are tired or sick

As it is a habit for you to apply kajal before you leave home but the day you do not apply kajak for a change, people assume that you are tired or sick and you need rest. You yourself feel low and tired.

  1. Keep checking that your kajal is in place or not

Whenever you pass through a mirror or side mirror of a car, the first thing you check is whether your kajal is in place or not. If you feel the kajal falls out of your eye, you start rolling down. When you feel your kajal has got bit lighter, you re-apply kajal and fix it back.

  1. Tried all other colors in kajal

You might have tried all other colors in kajal according to your dress but you feel black is the only color that makes your eyes look fuller and attractive.

  1. You tried almost all brands in kajal and knows what suits you the best

You know all the kajal brands available in the market, you can be a kajal guide for others as well. If you have moved from one shop to another shop in search of brighter shade of kajal, you belong to a religious follower of kajal. You are totally dependent on kajal for your overall final look.

  1. You take care special care while crying

You cry your heart out but the same time you always take care of your kajal that it does not make your face black. As soon as you are calmed down, you rush towards the washroom and come back with kajal on your eyes.

Source : tumblr, Giphy

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