7 Strange Things That Happen When You Masturbate Are Actually Normal!

By- Shreya Sharma

When it comes to pleasing yourself, you are not sure if the things you do are fine or not or what is the actual standard to it. The way everyone has different sexual desires and enjoys different things, same is with self-pleasing. And if you find something weird with pleasing yourself, remember you are not the only one to feel that. You might be worried about the strange things happening while you masturbate, but there is nothing wrong with it. You need to relax. Here are 7 strange things that happen when you masturbate is totally normal.

  1. Headache

 When you orgasm, your body releases various hormones and it can sometimes cause a headache as well. If you start feeling headache, you need to take a break until you feel relaxed.


  1. No orgasm

This “not being able to orgasm” stage can be frustrating but it happens. It could be because of pills or may be that you are just too tired. This is normal. Take a break and try again later.

  1. Thinking about someone else

While masturbating you might think about some random guy or someone you met like years before and you may feel guilty and bad over that but to be true, it is completely normal. Your brain wanders!!

  1. Multiple orgasm

Yes, you may not realize it but sometimes you can orgasm up to 40 times a day!!


  1. Random, weird sounds

Your vagina makes sounds and there is nothing to be ashamed of. That weird sound is called queefing. It happens when there is air trapped in your vagina and it gets pushed out, making a strange farting sound. Just laugh it off.

  1. Different smells

The smell from our vagina depends on what we eat, drink or your menstrual cycle. When you are masturbating, you might notice this smell. If it smells fishy or sour, it is time to consult your gynecologist.

  1. Liquids

When stuff comes out of your vagina, it is normal, it is body’s way of cleaning itself. When you are horny, your vagina produces its own lube that makes it easier for you to masturbate. You might even squirt sometimes. If the discharge is grayish or white, it is time to consult your gynecologist.       


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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