7 Types Of Friends You Should Get Rid Of!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have variety of friends, some we tolerate and some we love. We do not know why we stick to those who are more like a torture to us. May be we think they will change? Or maybe we are too lazy to get rid of them. Here are the types of friends you should get rid of.

  1. The chep friend

They are the ones who are one add on in your friend list by themselves. You will find them hanging around you, texting and calling you constantly even when you do not entertain them.

  1. The money friend

They are the ones who borrow money from you and promise you to pay it back, and sometimes they do pay it back but most of the times it is you who are left with an empty wallet. It is time to let them go.

  1. The bitch friend

We share a love hate relationship with them. You are friends, you hang out but deep down somewhere, you know that she will stab you in back at any moment.

  1. The selfish friend

They are the ones who are constantly making everything about them. Remember the times when you had major fight with your boyfriend and she responded like “oh, mere sath bhi aise hi hua thaa, mai bhi bohot roe thi, maine toh khana peena bhi band kr dia tha” and all of your conversation becomes about her and what she felt and now it is your job to fix it.

  1. The flaky friend

These are some interesting characters that agree to a plan on first hand and then are always ready with excuses on the plan day. They somehow just disappear for months or come up with an excuse just an hour before.

  1. The friend who makes you feel like garbage

A true friend will love you for who you are. But the friends in this category are those who are always ready to make you feel like garbage. They have fun at your expense. They may body shame you or make joke on any sensitive issue about you. They make you feel self-conscious.

  1. The forgetful friend

They are the ones who are too busy with their work, boyfriend or other friends and do not have time for you and your plans until and unless they got some work from you. She does not have time for you. You should stop wasting your time on her.

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