8 Habits everybody hates to admit

You get up early every day, get fresh, workout, have a bath, get dressed, have your breakfast and get to work on time. These are generally categorized as good habits and you are probably proud to talk about them as they make you look good before people. But have you ever put a second thought on your bad habits? The answer will most certainly be a no. That is because you try and escape talking about it but commit it every single time. What is more interesting is that you are not the only one with such habits. Following are the habits that most people have but hate to admit it before others.

  1. Tucking oneself inside the sheet

Most people, especially below 30’s have a habit of tucking themselves inside the sheet in a way that even air couldn’t pass between them. They do it so that nothing can really touch them, they have these imaginary people or things in their head that are going to grab hold of them at night. So in order to prevent it they tuck themselves airtight.


  1. Café scenario

People go to cafes and coffee shops for work purpose but sometimes end up staring at people’s faces and eating a lot of food entirely contradicting the purpose for their visit to the place.


  1. Listening to a song until bored

Most people have this habit to listen to a particular song until they get bored. They know that if they continue to listen to the song again and again they will ultimately get bored but still they have this urge that is hard to resist.


  1. Remembering something from long back and laughing

When people are sitting alone they have a habit of going to flashbacks. They remind themselves of certain things and events and apparently land up laughing after they recall some funny moment that might have occurred in the past.


  1. Talking to pets like they understand what you say

People who have pets would know it better. Some people talk to their pets as they are real human beings, or they understand whatever we say. They spend hours talking to their pets and even share their feelings and deep secrets.


  1. Normal and harmless lies

It has become a bad habit of people now-a-days to tell frequent lies unnecessarily. They have a habit of speaking lies without a reason and even in situations when it is not even required. Later they are going to link up other lies to prove one lie true. Most people do it because it gives them a different kind of kick.


  1. Stripping down as soon as you get home

People who cannot bear a lot of clothes on themselves usually strip down everything except their under garments after they shut their doors as soon as they come home. If nobody is around they even do no mind getting rid of the undergarments too. Hard to accept but most people do it.


  1. Masturbating

It is like a curse that people fear to accept that they masturbate, especially girls. We being social creatures have our own urges and needs, but fear to accept them. Every other person masturbates in their private times, but hate to admit it when asked.


These are few of the many habits that people have but they usually do not admit to them even in the 21st century.

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