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7 Not-So-Stupid Vagina Questions You Are Embarrassed To Ask!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all have some feminine questions that we feel embarrassed to ask about with our friends or sister or mother or gynecologist. We would try to google about them or let them wander in our mind alone. It is the time to address some of those embarrassing questions. Here are 7 not-so-stupid vagina questions you are embarrassed to ask.

  1. Feeling aroused while peeing?

There is nothing to freak out if you feel a little aroused when you hit the seat. If it bothers you and makes you feel uncomfortable and there is some burning sensation, then it is better you visit your doctor.


  1. Smelly white discharge?

White discharge is not the reason for concern because it is normal, hormonal and changes throughout the cycle. But if it has some odor, it can be a sign of bacterial infection or STDs.  Visit your gynecologist to figure out the problem.

  1. Period twice a month?

Average women’s cycle ranges from 25 to 35 days. If you get your period in less time than that, then it could be because of hormones or that you are not ovulating. Visit your doctor so that she can figure out the exact reason and right medication.

  1. Queefing during yoga?

Queefing is when the air gets trapped in the vagina and releases as you move around. This is because your pelvic floor muscle and abdominal muscles contract to push the air out. You can wear a tampon to block the vagina so that there is no passage for air. After this, you can freely focus on yoga.


  1. Acne in pubic area?

The little bumps in your pubic area are not acne; they are the infection from your hair removal method. If you use the razor, take a break and opt for waxing or laser instead. If it does not work, visit your gynecologist.

  1. The difference in labia lips?

The labia minora are asymmetrical in most women, with one lip hanging lower than the other lip. It should not bother you, and if it does then you can go for a process called labiaplasty.

  1. Itchy vagina before periods?

The hormonal changes can lower the estrogen level right before the periods which can lead to thinning of the vaginal skin, that makes it more dry, itchy and irritated. But it should not be horrible, and if it is way too uncomfortable then visit your doctor because it can be vaginal or skin infection.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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