7 Reasons You Should Feel Blessed And Happy Every day!

By- Shreya Sharma

At times, we feel so desolated and depressed with our life. We feel like our life is no less than a hell but still, there are reasons to feel blessed. When we are depressed, we often lose track of our life and start to look at all the bad that has ever happened to us. But when it comes to counting the blessing we have in our life, it comes in the little things that are so natural and normal to us. Here are 7 reasons you should feel blessed and happy every day.

  1. You have your family and friends

You should feel blessed to be surrounded by people who love you for who you are. People sometimes take their family and friend for granted, but it is necessary to realize how important they are in our life. They know you since a very long time. You can cry with them, laugh with them and act silly with them without feeling ashamed.


  1. You have a home to live in

Having a house of your own where you can relax after a long hard day is one best feeling. Most of us want to have a house of our own, as it gives you privacy and a roof over your head and this feeling is priceless. It is your home; you can decorate it in any manner, have guests or stay alone.

  1. You have job

You should feel blessed that you wake up to go to work because there are many people who do not have the job or who have lost their job. Even if you do not enjoy your job, you are at least capable of paying your bills and doing things that you want. A job helps you learn and develop yourself which is important in your life.

  1. You are healthy

You should feel blessed that you wake up healthy and you do not have any health issues. We know how vulnerable we are, how people are ill, how people die and how they lose their lives unexpectedly. You should feel blessed that you are privileged enough to maintain your health by eating healthy and taking care of your body. Do not ever neglect your health and try to prevent illnesses as much as you can because you can afford to do so.


  1. You can make a choice

Not everyone has a choice in life. Having choice is a luxury, and it is so normal to us that we do not even realize it.  At every stage of our life, we are asked to make choice, we are asked what we want to do with our life, where we want to live and we can even choose our life partner. Freedom is powerful, so you should not underestimate the power you have to make your own choice.

  1. You can pamper yourself

When you can take care of yourself, you feel independent because it comes with so many different aspects. If you have the ability to take care of yourself, you should use this ability. It gives you power over your life and everything in it.

  1. You can be yourself

It is special that you can be yourself because people cannot act the way they want to because of many reasons. It is great that people accept you for who you are. You do not have to pretend like someone else, you have the choice to say ‘This is who I am, take it or leave it.’


Source –  GiphyTumblr

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