21 Things Are BIGGEST Turn Offs For Guys You Never Knew!

By- Shreya Sharma

When it comes to turn offs, we are not the only one to have upper hand, even guys get turn off by many things that we do. Though we have some natural things to turn on a guy like our smile and assets, but there are some more things that turn them off and we have absolutely no clue about them. Most of us are guilty of doing them, but not anymore. Here are 21 things that are the biggest turn offs for the guy you never knew.

  1. Long fingernails

For you, your long fingernails can be super attractive but guys find them to be one big turn off. Having super long nails can hurt them while making out. They like the natural, so keep them short and simple.


  1. Too much of perfume

You might spray your perfume so much because you love its smell. But your man may like it in a light form. Smelling good is one thing but does not over-do it. Keep it light and your man will appreciate it.

  1. Playing dumb

Be yourself. You may find playing dumb to be cute, but guys find it to be a turn-off. Guys like girls who are smart and have an opinion. So speak up when you know something.

  1. Being too desperate

They hate the girls that seem too desperate. Do not be too clingy and act like you cannot live without him. Guys like girls who are independent and depend on him only when she really needs some help.


  1. Talking about ex

It is a great turn off for guys when you constantly talk about your ex. If you still like him, there is not point of being with someone else. Think about why you are talking so much about him.

  1. Being an easy catch

Guys like someone who is interesting and holds back information to keep the mystery alive. Do not spill all your secrets on the first date. Leave some mystery in your relationship to keep things going.

  1. Being rude

Do not be the girl who is rude to everyone and has the bad attitude, it is a big turn off for man. Do not let your bad days outweigh your good days.


  1. Mixed signals

The way we hate mixed signals, same is with guys. Do not confuse him with your actions; you can be blunt about your emotions and feelings. Men prefer girls who are upfront about their desires.

  1. Playing too hard to get

True, men like challenges but do not be too hard that he give up. If you both like each other, then just say it. Do not play games and wait just because you want to have upper hand.

  1. Gossips

You will come up as a negative person; if he hears you talk bad about another girl. Show him your amazing side, so that he does not mistake you for a bad person.


  1. Being late always

Guys like you for your natural looks as well but they hate the time you take to get ready. So plan your date accordingly so that you have ample of time to get ready and he does not have to wait for you.

  1. Imitating others

Just because every other girl wears short dress and heels, does not mean you too have to do that. Do not be afraid to be yourself, guys like you for who you are.

  1. Not offering to pay the bills

He picks up the check because that is gentle and manly behavior. But at least offer to pay the bill and reach out to your wallet. He does not want you to pay always, but he will appreciate your offer.


  1. Trying to change him

Men want you to love them for who they are and if you cannot, then you can find a new man. Dating him and then trying to change his personality and appearance, is like hurting his ego because he will think that you do not find good enough for you.

  1. Nagging

Guys have a perception of nagging and do not want you to be in that category. Do not give him lectures instead talk with him. Usually, communication issues happen because you find it annoying as he is not listening and he is feeling that you are being too nagging.

  1. Making him feel jealous

We all do this; we all try to make our guy feel jealous by talking with another guy.  It might make him feel that you have lost interest in him. The way you do not like him flirting with some other girl, same goes for him too.


  1. Being too clumsy

Do not pretend to be someone or something that you are not. Do not be clumsy to get someone’s attention.

  1. Being damsel in distress always

Do not act like you are incapable of doing something to get a guy to like you. do not be the damsel in distress always.

  1. Too much of makeup

Though it is your choice to wear the amount of makeup you want, but man usually like the natural look.


  1. Body odor

It is a turn off for women too. Smell good, be it natural or artificial fragrance. But do not over-do your perfume.

  1. Being indecisive

If you can never choose something, that is annoying. Anyone doing it is annoying. So, you get the clue now.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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