15 Sweet And Cute Ways To Prove Him That You Love Him!

By- Shreya Sharma

Just saying ‘I Love You’ is not enough when you madly love your partner, you always have that urge to show him about how much you feel for him, about how every single things reminds you of him, how every song makes you miss him even more and every other thing. You want to shout it out to the world at your highest notch that you love him. We all know our actions speak louder than words. Your gestures can be simple and subtle and louder and grand, what matter is that you express. Here are 15 sweet and cute ways to prove him that you love him.

  1. Encourage your partner

There is nothing more important than supporting your partner so that they can pursue their dreams. Support your partner to achieve their dreams and it will show your love for him.

  1. Tell him your personal secret stories

When you share your personal life details, it shows that you trust your partner enough to share your personal stories with him. Your trust and opening up proves that you love him.

  1. Send random loving texts

When you are not together, you can express your love to him by sending loving texts to him to show that you miss him and are thinking about him. Your texts need not to be a long one, but a simple “I miss you” can work great.

  1. DIY gifts for him

Making things on your own shows that you are ready to put in efforts to make them feel special. You can scan all the DIY ideas available on the internet to decide what to make for your man.

  1. Show your affection

Hug him and kiss him when he is back home or wakes up. When you will show your affection to him, he will understand that you love him.

  1. Have a movie night

Let him pick a movie of his choice and this will show that you love him enough to compromise your choices.

  1. Love letters

Write a letter for him describing what you feel for him. It might seem old school trick but it is one personal way to express your true feelings to your man.

  1. Tell him the things you love about him

Compliment him about what you love about him. And the best would be when you compliment him when he is expecting it the least or when he is depressed or tired.

  1. Compliment him on the things he does not like about himself

We all have something in us that we do not like, so compliment your man about the things he does not like about himself to show your love and he will also feel good about himself.

  1. Surprise surprise!!

Surprise can be an ultimate mood booster. It could be anything, something grand to something subtle, surprise him to show that you are so high in his love that you always wish to make him happy.

  1. Nurse him when he is not well

Be there to look after him when he is sick or in a bad mood. This shows that you love him enough to stick by his side in any situation.

  1. Cook his favorite food

On any random day, cook him his favorite meal. Create atmosphere by setting up table and arranging candles. This will make him feel loved and he will understand that you listen to him and care about his likes and dislikes.

  1. Go on a date

Take him to one of his favorite restaurants and be the host of this date. If he asks you about the occasion, tell him that he is the reason and your love for him does not need any reason more to celebrate.

  1. Listen to him

Sit with him and listen to his stories with utmost care and whole heartedly. Encourage him, ask questions and show your interest, so that he knows that you are paying attention.

  1. Say “I LOVE YOU” frequently

This is no brainer. If you do not say these three magical words, he might feel that you are just doing things for him and are not feeling it. It is the best way to prove that you love him.

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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