11 Types Of Tattoos With Secret Meaning Of Them!

We all want to get inked, some for fashion where as some for reason. The idea getting inked strikes everyone at some point of time. But one should be careful with the design they opt for while getting inked. Every design has got some hidden meaning with it, so be sure before getting it done. Tattoos with secret meaning of them.

  1. Three Dots

The three dots represent “mi vida loca” or “my crazy life”. It is associated with the lifestyle itself. You will usually find this tattoo in the hands or around the eyes, or even both.

  1. Zodiac signs

Zodiac signs tattoos can have many meanings, they can also be represented in many ways, and whether it be literal or figurative and a little harder to make out that it’s a zodiac sign being represented. Either way they make for some really great tattoos.

  1. Chinese Character

Chinese symbols are definitely something you should focus your research on. These complex, so called “logograms” are not letters or just cool-looking drawings but symbols that represent a certain word or an object and can be used individually (like “Strength,” “Courage,” “Faith”) or combined into cool tattoos that form a saying or even a story.

  1. Butterflies

Butterfly tattoos have many positive, even deeply spiritual meanings. Ancient cultures believed these fragile creatures are vessels that transport souls from Earth to Heaven and back and their short lifespan is used as a metaphor for human life. It can be a deeply emotional one as well, as you can choose it to honor a very special woman who died well ahead of her time.

  1. Flowers

Flower tattoos are very popular amongst women. Orchid can mean beauty, love and even luxury, lotus is a symbol of purity, intelligence, love and wisdom, plumier symbolizes friendship and warmth etc. Every flower stands for something beautiful and special and having them on your skin won’t ruin your fragile, feminine and delicate style.

  1. Music Notes

People choose these cool tattoos because they can symbolize talent, love, devotion, art or even pain and different spiritual things.

  1. Matching tattoos

They signify a bond that is so unbreakable that the people feel comfortable getting it permanently inked into their skin. If done well these tattoos can be really cool and beautiful.

  1. Quotes and words

Quotes can be used to remind someone of their past, help them look towards the future, or describe themselves in a ways they never thought possible. Different people will have different meanings behind whatever quote or words they choose.

  1. Bows

These tattoos symbolize what the ribbons themselves represent, i.e. pink for breast cancer and yellow for the troops. Bows tattoos aren’t always sad markers like the passing of someone, but they also mark the overcoming of events such as cancer. The bow tattoos can be beautiful and meaningful.

  1. Feathers

They can represent loss, birth, luck, a love of writing, or many other things, depending on the bird you have chosen to represent in the feather. Different feathers represent different things and since many people aren’t aware of this information, it can be even more special to you.

  1. Wrist Tattoo

They tend to be a reminder to the person who got that tattoo inked. Whether it says “love”, “strength,” “faith,” “stay strong,” “never again,” or some other word or name that means something, it usually is a reminder to the person that they need every day.

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