Pop Your Eyes With These 6 Makeup Tricks!

A beautiful woman eyes and makeup brushes

We love that smoky eye, cat eye looks so much that we want to try those on ourselves as well but since we are not professionals, we fail at our attempts to make our eyes standout.  We present you some makeup tricks to make your eyes highlight.

  1. Ice for your eyes

If you wake up in the morning with those swelled and puffed eyes for any reasons, you can use ice or a bag of ice wrapped in a flannel to take the swelling down.

  1. Curler from kitchen

If you do not have an eyelash curler, you can use a spoon for it. Grab one sponn, rinse it with warm water to give it a little heat, then dry it off, make sure it is not too hot. Place the edge of spoon on top of your lashes and your thumb directly below, and gently clamp, simply upping the pressure to give lashes a lift.

  1. Use white and nude kohl

It is one post-hangover beauty tip that takes care of bloodshot eyes, work the pencil in the waterline or use nude kohl for instant brightening boost.

  1. Brush up the eye brows

Brushing up your brows can change your whole look, including the shape of your eyes. Grab a dried up mascara and gently tease strands up. It will elongate the eye area and gives you more eyelid space.

  1. Blues

For hung-over eyes, switch your black liner with an electric blue liner as it will brighten the whites of your eyes for that healthy, sparkly effect.

  1. Doe-eyed duo

Work brown mascara on lower lashes and a black gloss on the top, to create a contrast that makes eyes look bigger and elongates puny lashes.

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