25 Things You’ll Understand If You Are Easily Distracted!

By- Shreya Sharma

This is the category I can relate to. It is seriously very hard to stay focused on my work or any other thing when people around me are being too loud and crazy or any such thing. It takes me few seconds to drift off from my thoughts even when I hear my favorite song and how I start just dreaming about any random thing and keep my work at the halt. Not just my work, there are many other times I lose why and what I am doing. If you too have such situation, you can easily relate to this. Here are 25 things you will understand if you are easily distracted.

1. You enter the room and forget why you even went there in the first place.


2. You start a sentence and suddenly you are focused on something else.

3. Your friends tell you so.

4. You forget that there is something on the gas stove, and then ‘hey! Something is burning! Oh Shit! *Running super-fast*

5. You spend hours on Facebook and Instagram.


6. People think you have Attention Deficit Disorder.

7. While writing you start writing what you hear instead of what you are supposed to write.

8. You are always ready for midnight adventures with your friends.

9. You have to read the sentence at least five times in order to fully understand it.

10. Your friends get mad at you because you never respond to their messages.


11. When people say you are a bad listener, you have the defensive system of fighting the accusations.

12. It takes you time to remember people’s name.

13. You need subtitles to catch up with the videos.

14. You might have left the house forgetting something a lot many times.

15. You think you lost your glasses and go crazy in your search mission when they are actually sitting on the top of your head.


16. Same happens with your phone.

17. You are bad with directions and it is hard for you to remember them.

18. Your browser crashes because you have too many tabs open.

19. You think your computer will blow up someday.

20. After a while, you stop listening to the stories people tell you and you respond with ‘hmm’ to everything.


21. You get lost in your thoughts and end up sitting or standing in vain for hours.

22. You do not even realize that people are talking with you.

23. You got distracted even while reading this article.

24. You love looking into the blank, like hey! These windows are so interesting.

25. And you can think about anything and everything putting halt to the work at hand.


Source –  Tumblr

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