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9 Money-Talks To Have With Him Before Your Shaadi!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you are in love, you are blind to other things and nothing else matters. Money is one important issue to talk about once you plan to get married because major fights in a relationship occur due to monetary issues. You should talk about everything related to money. It is better to keep things clear in advance to have a smooth married ride. Here are 9 money talks to have with him before your shaadi.

  1. Talk about food and fuel related expenses

These are two basic necessities of life, so you need to decide on how you will pool the money for these. You can join the money in the beginning of the month and can then spend from the deposit, or you can pay on daily basis.


  1. Day-to-day expenses

Your day-to-day expenses might look petty, but they are heavy in your pocket and can eat a big part of your income. To avoid conflicts, it is better to decide who will take care of which expense.

  1. Debts

Before getting married, it is important to know about your partner’s debts. Your partner might be earning well, but if they have a lot to pay, then you will be in trouble.

  1. The rent

If you will stay in a rental apartment, you need to talk about it. Since you will be sharing the house, you can divide the expense into half or you can split according to your income.


  1. Insurance

There are a number of insurances that you both might have covered like life insurance, health insurance, car insurance etc. Discuss about the insurances you have and the ones you plan to buy after marriage. Decide how you will take care of these.

  1. The ongoing payments

If you or your partner are paying a good amount of the education loan, mortgage or anything, then it is better you talk about it in advance. This will limit your contribution.

  1. Savings

Discuss about the saving you already have and then talk about the savings you will make as a couple. You should talk about your savings with your life partner.


  1. Your financial goals

Talk about how much you want to have in your account to what you want to do with your savings. Discuss if you want to buy something expensive with your savings after marriage.

  1. Kids expenses

If you and your partner are thinking about having kids, you must know that you will be spending a lot on their upbringing, clothing, food, school, health, and so on. Kids will have an impact on your savings, expenses, and income. You must be very careful whilst deciding on each partner’s share in their upbringing.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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