12 Things That Make You Look More Mature Than You Are!

By- Shreya Sharma

Etiquettes nowadays are not about to ‘act like a lady’, it is about how you act towards others. If you want to be taken as mature and grown up, then you need to work to have better manners. When you treat others with respect, people consider you to be mature. When you know some manners and some basic etiquette rules, you can look more mature than you actually are. Here are 12 things that make you look more mature than you are.

  1. Do not share your story always

We all have that one friend who has been there, seen there and done that. They know about everything you are going to talk about. They might be doing it to take attention or to keep the conversation going, but it is hell annoying. You need to learn when to stay silent. If your friend is upset, you need to listen to them rather than sharing your own stories.


  1. Follow the dress code

Pay attention to the dress code in order to be respectful towards the host and event. Showing up at an event wearing something completely contrasting is considered rude. Ask someone, if you are clueless about the dress code.

  1. Reach the work a little early

Arrive at your workplace a little early; this will make you look dedicated. Get to your work 10-20 minutes early and you will look good and more productive.

  1. Do not compliment people just because they complimented you

There are many of us who do not know how to take compliments. You might feel complimenting back is a polite manner, but it is actually not a genuine way to give the compliment. Learn to say thank you and move on.


  1. Inform if you are running late

Being late seems rude, and it is worse if you do not inform people in advance. If you are running late, you can at least send a text or call them up to inform.

  1. Listen to the opinion even if you do not agree

Just because you do not agree with some opinion or idea, it does not mean that it is wrong. There is a difference in everyone’s point of view. You neither need to say yes to everything nor need to argue over every single point.

  1. No to over-sharing

Leave people with questions and do not overload people with information. Somethings are better kept to yourself or with certain people. There are a time and place to share things.  Tell people only that much they wish to know. Do not give them the boring details of your life.


  1. Ask for permission

It is rude when people take your stuff without even asking for your permission. Ask permission if you want to take a bite from someone’s food or to take a sip from their drink. It is rude to just take the stuff.

  1. Introduce people

Where ever you are, introduce people if they are unknown to each other. Introduce the new person in the group so that they do not have to stand there awkwardly. Make people feel welcome and warm.

  1. Thank you

Say thank you, every time someone does something for you, even if it is the small gesture of holding the door for you. If someone thanks you, acknowledge it. Respond to thank you, even just by nodding your head.


  1. Do not use your phone

It is rude to be on your phone when you are out with others. Put your phone down when you are interacting with someone, and if the call or text is urgent, say ‘I need to check this urgently, sorry!”

  1. Handwritten thank you note

It is a nice way to say thank you to someone- a handwritten note for a gift or something else that was really nice. Handwritten thank-you notes are the rare but pleasant surprise. If you get a gift, get an interview, anything, send a thank-you note afterward.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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