4 Simple Tips While Choosing Guy In Arranged Marriage!

By- Anuja Pandey

Marriage is a gamble and success of it depends on luck. But, while taking a decision it is almost equally important to pay attention to what you are getting yourself into. Making the right choice makes the job easy and it is very easily that the life turns into a happy journey with love and support. Make sure you are making the right choice and take right measure while selecting a partner for you.

  1. Meet the person personally

Once you have decided the guy, it’s very much important that you meet the person personally. Many of the habits are seen when you saw the person or meet him personally. Chatting online or webcam and getting onto marriage is never advisable. It is always important to see the person in person and decide. Meet each other face to face and talk to each other especially 6 months before you finally decide to marry the guy.


  1. Do not try to delve his or his family values

Always remember marriage is not about two person. In our country, it is more about the family and the values that we get into. When you meet a guy and decides to marry him always remember to know the family and their values before hand.

It is good to believe in your own ideas but yeah always remember and check if you can gel up with the value of the family you are going into. It is always good to get in a family whose values are more or less similar to ours so that you don’t have to compromise a lot and you also gel up with the customs of their family and accept that as your own as soon and possible.


  1. Don’t be imaginative about him!

Do remember that this is real life, and not your movie or your favourite novel or any series by a chance and you can not get everything you have dreamt about. Remember every person is a human being and yes human being does come with at least one flaw.

No one is perfect, not even you. So be realistic and search for a partner who completes you with that flaw and makes you feel the beauty of real life and stays real in front of you.


  1. Find out if you have enough topic to chat about

While you are conversing with each other, check if you have got enough topic to chat to each other about. Always observe how active you both are in conversation. If you find both of you with short on the topics or the for the matter of fact the content, then that is an indication of the difference in the taste and preferences do comply much with each other.

Hence, you do not have many topics to carry on the conversation. Also notice, when your partner is talking about stuff and is not at all interested to and also when you tell about anything and partner remain to maintain that bored look on the face then that’s also an indication of not having a compatibility with each other. Get the signs and make your decision accordingly.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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