10 Ways To Deal When You And Your *Bestie* Aren’t Friends Anymore!

By- Shreya Sharma

Losing a friend is very painful and your heart just wants them back, no matter how bad or rude they were to you. You need to stay strong, with time you will come to appreciate the fact that you made a right decision. Here are some more ways to deal when you and your bestie are not friends anymore.

  1. Accept the reality

The reason for ending the friendship may be fake, stupid and ridiculous, but you need to respect his or her decision. You cannot force a friend to remain friends with you. If your friend does not wants to put the efforts into being your friend, you too should not care anymore and accept the reality.

  1. It is their loss not yours

If a friend cannot understand you then they are not worth having in your life. It is their loss that they lost someone who cared for them not yours.

  1. Take time to mourn over your loss

Cry, scream, hit the pillow, play the music loudest possible; do whatever it takes to get the sadness, rage, anger, disappointment out of your system. This emotional outburst will help you get over it.

  1. Let go

Give yourself a break and get ready to start a new life. Do things to get your mind off of this loss. Being active and letting the time pass is a constructive way to deal with the loss.

  1. Join a club or hobby group

This is a great new way to make friends that are interested in the same things as you are. It will help you learn new things and make new friends.

  1. Consider gelling around with existing friends better

Think about getting to know some of your current friends better. Perhaps there is someone among the people you are hanging around, who is best friend material. You should spend much more time with them now.

  1. Remember that life goes on

It is not the end of the world. No matter what happens, life still goes on. You have better opportunities waiting for you to explore them, go and explore instead of sulking into sadness.

  1. Try to keep Friendship alive

Be realistic about friendship, it is no harm to keep a on and off, long distance friendship with that ex-bestfriend of yours.

  1. Use social media

Websites such as Facebook, Instagram or My space can help you to recover the loss. Sometimes people use silent treatment, just let go, do not message him/her, delete their number and social media contact details but do not block them. May be one day they will realize their mistake and try to contact back.

  1. Do something nice for yourself

Be social, talk with people, form a new squad and look at the positives of meeting new people and finding people you can trust. Try having a few good quality friends instead of a large group.

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