7 Things You’ll Understand If You Are A Goofball!

By- Shreya Sharma

If you want to see the variety and how people still prefer being together, take a look at your friend circle. Some of them would be bookworm, while some would be fashionista and some would be flirts and some would be to parental types. And then we have our goofball, the one who is always up with crazy, lame, amazing jokes and is the photo bomber of a group because you know how they always manage to come up with some weird face and always mess things up. They are that naïve, stupid person that we all adore. Here are 7 things you will understand if you are a goofball.

1. People do not take you seriously

Your pranks and goof ups have land you in a position where no one takes you seriously. Even when you say “I am serious”, it turns out to be a reason of laughter for people and you worry about what is so wrong and why people are not taking your problem seriously.


2. You are habitual of making silly mistakes

You can trip easily anywhere, you can make funny weird faces, you can laugh out loud any time and you are pro at making silly stupid mistakes that makes people laugh upon you.

3. You are the source of entertainment for your group

Remember all the antics you have performed that made every one laugh. You are the entertainer of your group and with you there is never any dull moment. You ate not only popular in your friends but your friend’s friend also wishes to meet you.


4. You laugh along with people

You laugh with them because you know your friends are not demeaning you. You are so lively and chirpy that you end goofing up things and making innocent face that helps you get out of any situation.

5. Only a few people realize when you are sad

People are so used to seeing you happy and brimming with that cheerful smile on your face that the thought of you being sad never cross their mind. It leaves them worried seeing you sad but you soon return to your normal grumpy self.


6. People remember your silly antics

Your friends sometimes find you irritating but they always remember your crazy antics and they can trust you to brighten their day when they are sad. They share your crazy antics and funny incidents with friends and family.

7. You are a person with golden heart

You are their entertainer and your friends know you are a gem of person. They know you are fun and will not let anyone stay upset. Your friends approach you when they feel low because they know you will always provide your shoulder to comfort.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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