10 Signs Your Happily-Ever-After Is Getting Ruined!

By- Shreya Sharma

So it’s been while that you two are in relationship, things are going all smooth and fun, you both have talked about marriage, about how your future will be, how and where you will live, how many kids and by when would you prefer and every other thing. You know he is soon going to propose you officially for marriage and you would be super happy about this. But the truth is you got to sit down and look at these certain things before making a final decision because when you are in love, everything seems alright and marriage is not just about love, it takes a little more as well. Here are 10 signs that your “Happily-Ever-After” is getting ruined.

1. You know he LIES!

If your man is constantly chose the way to lie instead of telling you the truth, then it is one red flag. Lying once in a while is something we all do but then if he lies about his whereabouts, who he is texting or about any situation, this is one red flag that is asking you to stop.


2. He does not support your dreams

You need someone who is your supporter and encourages you to fulfill your dreams and not someone who straight-out shut downs your future plans leaving you thinking now what to do. if he shuts you down so easily, how could you imagine a future with them.

3. His comments about your body are negative

Not every person has same physical structure and if he makes you notice and work on those little chubby zones of yours, he is not the one. This will be one big issue when you have kids because we know our body stretch to keep the baby inside, while some women get back in their former shape, some just cannot. If he makes you feel bad about your body, he is not the one to be with in long run.


4. Your conversation with your family makes him moody

If he gets irritated by the time when you talk to your mom or the time you spend with your sister, it is not normal. It could be because he is jealous or just thinks that you will be bitching about him which is not at all okay in any case. If every time you talk with your family, ends up as a fight with him, he is not the one.

5. He is still using dating apps

This is obvious that when you guys have decided to be together and committed to each other than he should not be active member of these dating apps. You have noticed him making excuses about still having that dating app. Be cautious because if you get married, it will be difficult for you to deal with it if you catch him cheating.


6. He leaves you in tough situations

As and when you have fight, he just walks off. He is running away from confrontation. To be the best and have a best life, you both need to work on your problems together instead of walking off. If he has the habit to walk off, this is so not going to be good in long run.

7. He does not help you with household chores

For him household chores and cleaning is women’s work and you are no fool enough to be with someone who is not going to help you with this. Chores should be split up as much equally as possible if you live together. It should not be a man versus women issue; it should be based on understanding.


8. When in serious issue, he changes the topic

If you are afraid to bring serious issues or if he changes the topic, either ways it is difficult to sail your boat. He always explodes at such moments. You know marriage is constant and anything can come up, if you cannot communicate now, you will not be able to communicate then as well.

9. He constantly interrupts you

Once in a while, we all do this, to interrupt someone while they are putting their point. If your man constantly interrupts you and you just cannot complete your sentence, do not expect anything from him then.


10. He is refusing to move in with you

He is not willing to settle in with you before marriage. These days, it’s smart to co-habitat a bit before jumping into a marriage as it is a great way to guarantee that you’re definitely compatible. If your guy refuses to share a space with you or is simply too scared to sign that lease, he’s simply not ready for any kind of commitment.


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