7 Things To NEVER Say To Person Who Recently Had HeartBreak!

By- Shreya Sharma

Heartbreaks are the worst, it leaves you with pain, profound sadness, tears, memories and questions. The life seems meaningless and void. This is the time when people look to their friend for support and hope. Being a friend, here are the things that you should never say to a person who recently had heartbreak.

  1. I never liked him

You should never say this, it will only add to your friend’s pain. Making fun of that guy or saying things like “he is a di*k” will not help her ease her pain.


  1. Did they meet someone else?

Your friend is still in the process of recovering from the pain. She still loves her ex. Saying this will only introduce her to the new level of pain.

  1. Everything happens for a reason

Your friend is not in a position to understand this. It will take them time to get over it and see something good in their breakup. This is not the time to remind them about the silver lining.


  1. There are other fish in the sea

Your friend is not over their ex yet and telling them to start finding a new guy is the dumbest advice to give. She needs time to grow over this and recollect all the broken parts. She needs to fix herself mentally and emotionally first.

  1. He was not good enough for you

This may be true but your friend is not in a state to accept that. You might be able to see your friend’s ex’s flaws but your friend is yet not in a position to see them.


  1. Delete his number and pictures

It is probably not the right time to say this. You just cannot tell them to erase the memories so easily. It takes the time to erase those memories and build new ones.

  1. Get over it?

Really? Is it that simple to get over things just like that? or is she not trying to get over the pain? She is not enjoying the situation, she too wants to get over it ASAP, but she cannot help it. For some people, it takes the time to grow past that.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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