How To Be More Flirty 9 Bang-On Ways!

By- Shreya Sharma

For some, flirting flows in their veins and comes naturally while for others it could be one nerve-wrecking frustrating kind of experience. All man finds it attractive when a woman flirts back. It is not about throwing yourself on man but about sending out right signals. All you need to do is to be a little warm and approachable in nature and gestures and this will help him flirt with you and then you just have to flirt back. It is that simple. But sure for those who are not into flirting, it can be a big task and thus here we are to help you with it. Here are 9 bang-on ways on how to be flirt-ier.

1. Smile and be warm and approachable

Use your smile to show your interest in the flirting game. Man finds the girls with happy positive attitude to be quite pleasing. Do not be rude or arrogant with the guy you want to flirt with.


2. Compliments and thanks

Guys too like getting compliments and it makes a conversation flirtier. If you are flirting with a guy and like something about him, tell him; he will love this and will return you the favor. And if he is complimenting you, thank him with a warm smile. It will make him want to make more efforts to please you.

3. Look deep into his eyes

Your long deep stare into his eyes will comfort him. This will make him feel that you understand him and you are also into him and the conversation. It is one easy way to flirt. Add extra happy smile to it to make them go weak in knees.

4. Use feminine expressions

Become an absolute woman and show your femininity. To attain this, all you need to do is spend a few minutes in front of mirror and work on your expressions. Use your eyes and facial expressions to flirt with a guy.

flirting15. Act girly but do not overdo it

Do not scream and speak in high pitched voice as it may turn them off. Act like a girly girl, this will make him feel more powerful and will feel responsible to protect you. Try to be subtle and feminine in the way you speak or dress you wear.

6. Tease him

Your compliments might make him believe you are his, so it is better you tease him once in a while to let him know that you are not that easy to get and this will make him work harder. Too much of teasing can get him upset and leave.

7.  Play with hair

Men love to smell and touch a woman’s hair. So, play with your hair occasionally like brush them up or run your hands through your hair to show your confidence or tuck your hair behind your ear with a finger which shows your sexiness and cuteness at a time. The more you play with your hair, the more the guy will get excited.

hair play

8. Put your hands on him

Make sure the guy you are flirting with will not take your gesture to touch him in an otherwise manner. Although it is a man’s job to start touching in a conversation but you too can do that too. Do not let your touch be felt as planned. Make it an involuntary action and this will make the man to open up more and feel comfortable with you.

9. Be genuinely interested

Guys try their best to listen and understand what you are in the conversation and try to lead the conversation and ask related questions. To connect with him, ask him so questions and put questions from what he is telling you and be interested in whatever he is telling you.

talking together

Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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