18 Signs You Are Such A HOT Mess!!

By- Shreya Sharma

You are so messed up trying to have a hold at everything that you end up being in a disastrous situation. You are too cool to be aware about things. You are that perfect example of being lazy and always late. Your room is a mess and so is your life. You have no clue how to handle so much and you prefer leaving things the way they are instead of stressing out. Here are 18 signs to show that you are such a HOT Mess.

1. Your room is a mess as you are always rushing to get ready.

room mess

2. You are always late for almost everything.

3. You prefer take ways because who is going to cook as it is too much time consuming.

4. You are surprised when you actually know things.

5. You are so bad with laundry, that picking clothes become really hard for you.

nothing to wear

6. You do not remember the last time you washed your hair.

7. You are good at apologizing for things, because you are superb at forgetting to do things.

8. When you are overloaded with work, you decide to nap instead.

9. You cut open the conditioner bottle to get the remains, because you always forget to buy a new one.

10. You are the person who always says “wait, what? That was due today?”


11. You are highly addicted to coffee.

12. You are pro at submitting things on deadline.

13. You let the nail polish come off naturally over months, because using a nail polish remover is one big task.

14. You always ask others for a hair tie because you have lost yours in the disaster of your room.

15. Your phone screen is a cracked mess like you.

phone mess

16. Your clothes are more on the floor of your room than on hanger.

17. You are least bothered if you were your underwear inside out.

18. You are wearing the same shirt you slept in last night, and you will continue till it does not smell

dp in tamasha

Source – Giphy

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