19 Signs Your Boyfriend Is A *Shitty* Person!

By- Shreya Sharma

When you are in a relationship since long, your man’s activities and actions might annoy you. You might be pissed at his acts, but there is certainly a line that he should never cross. If you man does any of the crappy act listed below, you should rethink about your relationship. Here are 19 signs your boyfriend is a shitty person.

  1. Making you feel bad about your identity

Your man should be okay with your little quirks; be it speaking in some accent once in a while or interest in buying some particular thing.


  1. Going days without saying ‘I Love You’

It is not that hard to say these words at least once in a day.

  1. Being too busy to spend time together

If he is always too busy to see you or spend time with you, then you are stupid enough if you are waiting for him to be available.

  1. Trying to disconnect you from the things you love

If you man stops you from spending time with your friends and family or stop you from doing your favorite things, then you deserve someone better. You should never be in a situation where you have to choose between your passion and him.


  1. Not even offering to pay the bills

There are couples who split for everything to maintain a balance, and then there are you who have never heard your man saying ‘let me pay the bill’.

  1. Never holding a door open for you

It is okay if it is not a regular activity, but he should do it at least once in a while,

  1. Not holding your hand in public

He should not neglect to hold your hand always. Instead, he should feel proud to have you and holding your hand should be his gesture of love for you.


  1. Disrespecting your dreams

He should never make you feel like you should not pursue your dream, hobby or passion.

  1. Never apologizing

You should not the only one apologizing always for every fight. He too should take responsibility for his actions and words.

  1. Being too busy when you try to explain why you are upset

He should never shut you up when you try to explain him about how he hurt you.


  1. Making fun of your fears

He should not make fun of you when you need a little comfort because you are worried about your job.

  1. Trying to prove he is smarter than you

You definitely are not in the relationship to feel like you are dumb and weak than your partner.

  1. Yelling at you when it is not your fault

For him, even his mistakes are because of you.


  1. Not buying you gifts because he does not know your choice

This is an excuse that you should not buy.

  1. Not standing up for you

If someone disrespects you, he should be there with you to let others know that it is not okay.

  1. Insulting your family members

He just cannot disrespect your family for any reason.


  1. Making you feel guilty for spending time with others

He might be your man, but not the one and only person in your life. You have others too and it is okay to spend time with them.

  1. Cancelling plans constantly

Sometimes things come up, but if you make plans far in advance, he shouldn’t always be the reason the two of you never follow through on them.

  1. Being jealous of your success

He should be celebrating your success rather than demeaning your success because he is jealous.


Source –  Tumblr

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