15 Stereotype Girly Things NOT All Girls Like!

By- Shreya Sharma

Not all girls are same. Though we live in a world that has categorized things, sports, shows, and activities into girly stuff, but the truth is that a lot of girls do not actually give a shit about them. We know that we dislike being generalized. We hate it because we want to feel unique. Thinking that we like something because it is girly stuff, it is like putting us into some category. Here are 15 girly things not all girls like.

  1. Flowers

Some girls love flower but not all. Flowers are considered girly stuff. Still, there are girls, who think they are pointless. There are girls who do not like watching these colorful plants die in the vase.


  1. Makeup

Not all girls like makeup. Some of us just wear it on occasions. There are girls who like the look of real skin. Some of us do not even know how to make a perfect blend of so many things on our skin.

  1. Dresses

Some girls are better off with their jeans and t-shirts and do not need dresses. It is annoying when some people expect girls to like dresses. Dresses are considered girly stuff and it is assumed that all girls wear dresses on occasions.

  1. Pink things

Pink is just a color that is assigned to a gender. There are so many girls who hate pink. Many of us are not excited with the thought of having everything in pink color. Some of us even like blue color tones which are considered boyish.


  1. Having long hair

Earlier, long hair were considered as a sign of youth and fertility. Now, girls have long hair if they want too. There are so many girls who prefer pixie cut over long hair.

  1. Glitter

Just because it is shimmery does not mean that girl’s like it. Glittery things are not always liked by girls. Do not assume that just because a thing has glitters means girls will like it.

  1. Butterflies

How are butterflies associated with a gender? Not all girls like butterflies, even some of us are terrified of them. Just because they are colorful and pretty, this does not mean this is girly stuff.


  1. Nail polish

It is believed that girls like to be trimmed and kept, so they will like nail polish. Not all girls like nail polish. Some girls are not concerned about the color of their nail polish.

  1. Heart shape things

Just because girls when young, usually used to make heart with an initial of their crush’s name in it, does not mean all girls like heart shaped things.

  1. Romance movies

Romantic movies are not a girly thing. There are guys who too watch them. Sure, girls are more in touch with their emotions and like the aspect of love and romance. But there are girls who like action or horror movie more than romance ones.


  1. Kittens

Girls are open about their love for fluffy things and kittens, but there are girls who just hate cats. There are guys who like kittens and would prefer a cat over the video game or any other manly thing.

  1. Fruity cocktail drink

Guys think that instead of beer or hard liquor, girls like girly drinks that are pink, purple and fruity. There are guys who like these things more than girls.

  1. High heels

Heels are considered to be girl’s stuff and liked by all girls. There are girls who would rather like to stick to the pair of sneakers rather than going for high heels.


  1. Bows

Bow ties are worn by men yet bows are considered girly. Not all girls like wearing bows on their dresses or in their hair.

  1. Jewelry

With all the commercials of men buying women jewelry, it’s easy to think that ALL girls want this as a gift and to wear every day. It is supposed to be girly stuff. Let this be a lesson to all of you, not all girls like jewelry.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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