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10 Things Your Boyfriend *Secretly* Thinks And Wants To Tell You!

By- Shreya Sharma

The truth is often painful and if it takes you a lot to let it out, it hurts even more and traumatizes people for the longest run. But, men do not often understand this theory. There are some things that your boyfriend secretly wishes to share with you, but he does not because he cares for you enough to not hurt your feelings. Here are 10 things your boyfriend secretly thinks and wants to tell you.

  1. He does not want to call to say good night.

He will call you if he wants to, but he does not want to be forced to do things. He calls you to make you happy because he knows you think of it as the sweet gesture. But truly he does not want to.


  1. He notices your weight

When you start to diet, you just want to be with your partner dinning out and skipping your gym routine, which leads to gaining some fat. He will notice it. He will be attracted towards you but secretly wish you to tone down into what you were before you started dating.

  1. He wants some skin show

Men are visual creatures and want you to look great all time. He loves it when you put in your efforts to get ready for them. Your man wants you to dress up a little bit.

  1. He craves to have more sex

Your man wants to feel needed and wanted. They are most of the times thinking about sex and can have it anytime. He wants your sexual life to stay the same as it was when it started, full of spark.


  1. He likes you without makeup

Men do not notice your makeup, they do not notice the color of your eyeliner or how well your eyeliner is winged. He wants you to stay natural because for him you are naturally pretty. He wants you to look like yourself, he will appreciate if you have subtle makeup.

  1. He likes your family, but that does not mean he should spend more time with them

He respects and cares about your family, but that does not mean that he wants to spend his weekends with your family. Meeting them once in a while is great, but not daily.

  1. He wants to hang out with his friends

He likes to hang out with his friends, be it sitting and drinking beer or going out for drinks. He needs man time, but he does not want to offend you so he will keep this with him only.


  1. He craves for man cave

He wants to have a room to himself where he can do whatever he wants to do or whatever pleases him. He wants alone time but is scared to tell you.

  1. He loves adventure

He loves adventure and wants to try new things in the bedroom, but he knows this can offend you. he wants to try some new position and try to spice things up.

  1. He also enjoys staying at home

Being out and about every night gets tiring. Your man enjoys a home-cooked meal and a night on the couch more than you think.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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