7 Things Every Girl Wants To Tell Her Parents But Don’t!

By- Shreya Sharma

We know our parents love us way too much; still, there are a few things we think that they will never understand. We hide certain things because we do not know how they will react. We keep things to ourselves and wonder if we could share everything with them. Well, you might take the time to gather up courage, here are 7 things every girl want to tell her parents but do not.

  1. We hate it when our parents pressurize us to study

We know our parents are worried about our future for our betterment only. But in that process, they put pressure on us. We already have the pressure to clear the exam and score high and in this situation, our mind cannot handle additional burden of expectations from our parents.


  1. We do not like the list of expectations they have from us

It is okay that we are their kids and they want us to behave in a certain manner, but they should understand that we have a life of our own too. We want to choose our career and love life on our own and not on the basis of our parent’s expectations.

  1. We want to be something other than what they want

We want to follow our passion, rather than being a doctor or MBA because that is what our parents want. We do not think there is anything wrong if we work on our creativity being a photographer, writer or any other thing.

  1. We want to talk about our love

It would be amazing if we could share about our love life with our parents if we could tell them about the person we love. They should be the first one to know about our life. We wish we could tell them about the person we are dating without the fear of how they will react to it.


  1. We need our space

We love to spend time with our family, but at times we need a little privacy and space. But we hesitate to ask the same from our parents.

  1. How much we love them

We are not expressive towards our parents nowadays. We do not remember the last them we said ‘I love you’ to them, may be on their birthday?

  1. We drink and get wild

We know the consequences will not be in our favor if we tell our parents about our drunk and wild stories.


Source –  Tumblr

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