15 Most Hilarious Wrong Number Texts You’ll Ever Read!

By- Shreya Sharma

Have you ever been in a situation when you do not have the number saved and you text a wrong number? Or have the number saved yet accidentally forward something to someone else? We all have been through that moment of sheer panic. And sometimes that panic turns into a horror story and sometimes they are best wrong number mistakes we could have ever done. Sometimes even wrong number conversations can be interesting and hilarious. Here are 15 most hilarious “wrong number” texts you will ever read.

1. I am a man

1-i am a man

2. Cheater!!

cheater caught

3. Too quick

things are going too quick

4. Nudes on the way

nudes on the way

5. Embarrassment to the power infinite!!


6. Cute!!


7. I know that feel bro!!

i know that feel

8. Troll level

troll level

9. Truth be told

truth betold

10. A little help

a little help

11. Shit!! 


12. Do I?

do i

13. LOL!!


14. Wrong Number

wrong number

15. Grilled


Source – imgur

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