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12 Things I Need More Than ‘Spark’ With The Guy!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all feel that the natural chemistry with someone is enough to have a strong and healthy relationship. We look for someone with whom we can connect instantly and have a great chemistry with to make things work naturally. But is this only the chemistry that works? The answer is NO. There is more that you need to make a relationship work. Here are 12 things I need more than ‘chemistry’ with the guy.

  1. A connection that is not just about being physical

Sexual attraction is important, but it is also important to connect on the deeper level. And this deeper connection can only be built with time. Sexual attraction towards each other is important, but there is a lot that leads to a successful relationship. The chemistry needs to be connected with understanding.


  1. An open and honest communication

If a guy is not opening up to you, he does not consider you important. The chemistry is of no use if you do not know what is on his mind. When there is poor communication, insecurity starts to make its way.

  1. Being able to take criticism

It is okay to give constructive criticism because we want the best for our guy. But if he cannot handle it, it will not work between you two.

  1. Care and compassion

The chemistry can attract you towards a guy, but the way he treats you can keep you interested in him. A guy who is sweet, caring and compassionate is the one I need in life.


  1. Being mature

The chemistry you have cannot decide about if the guy is mature or not. It will not work if he cannot deal with his emotions and make mature decisions. It is important to be with a guy who is mature and has his life together.

  1. Being professional

A hard working guy is sexy. It does not matter if he works for someone or if he has his own business. The guy needs to be ambitious, he should have goals.

  1. Value us

He should make me feel that I am important to him. He should see my worth and value me enough. I want to be his priority, else even after having the chemistry, we will end breaking up.


  1. Being his true-self

The guy I hold on to should be his genuine-self when he is around me. He should not pretend to be someone else to keep the spark alive.

  1. Being independent

The chemistry can draw him towards me, but he should have an independent life rather than being clingy. He needs to respect my personal space.

  1. Appreciate me, for not just my body

A guy should be physically attracted towards me when we are dating, but I want him to like me for my personality too. He cannot date me just for the sake of my body.


  1. A few common passions

Our passion for each other will die soon if we do not share the passion for few things as it will get us topics to have the conversation about.

  1. Being loyal

I want to trust him that I am the only one he feels this way for. I want him to like me for the way I am, rather than for the chemistry we have.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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