12 Things That Guys Notice First About Girls!

By- Shreya Sharma

For guys first impression matters a lot. It is not just about a perfect hot bod, but it could be a cute smile, the way you flick your hair, the way you walk or the way you look at him. But the first impression matters the most to them to take things a notch higher or landing at a position of knowing each other. It is very subjective to claim a certain thing to be considered hot or cute because it actually depends on guys and how they perceive things. But then yes, we are judged on the basis of our appearance initially and we have to impress a complete stranger, sad but true. Here are 12 things that guys notice first about girls.

1. Your eyes

Remember “ye kaali kaali ankhein, ye gore gore gaal”!! They never lie to us. Guys do notice your eyes first because as they say “your eyes are windows to your soul”. Your glasses to will work because some guys find them cute.


2. Your smile

This is the most known one, as Saif Ali Khan said to Deepika Padukone in Love Aaj KalMard me bht dard paida kr deti h tumhari smile”. Your smile has the power to get your work done and guys really notice everything about your smile, your dimples and the way it hangs on your face.


3. Your laugh

Guys love it when you laugh out loud. Your laugh is something you cannot control and they will like it even if it sounds the weirdest if they are into you.


4. Your hair

“Zulf ki ghani ghani ghataen, shaan se dhalki hui hain”, bollywood knows it all. Yes, your hair matters to guys and they love when you flick them or they fall on your face disturbing you.


5. Your style

Your style speaks about you and gives a glimpse into your personality. He will certainly notice your style to know everything he needs to notice about you.


6. Your scent

Guys notice your scent too, though you might not notice it. Keep things light and fresh to score more points in his books. Your natural smell has an impact on guys.


7. Your teeth

Bad teeth mean bad hygiene. If you have stained teeth, he will not be interested in you. Brush twice a day or visit your dentist to get your teeth polished.


8. Your body

Yes, your body attracts a man’s eyes. Wear flattering clothes or wear anything that you are comfortable with and can carry with ease. Highlight your assets to catch his attention.


9. Your skin

It is also a sign of your personal hygiene. If you have bad skin, he might consider it as you are not considered about looking after yourself. It could be because of genes but you can hit dermatologist. Even the layer of make-up you have applied is also noticed because they majorly like your naturally glowing skin.


10. How you communicate

It is all about how you behave and speak to others. To him, you could be all sweet and a lady with class but that is not all that matters to him, he notices how you communicate with others as well.


11. The people you are with

We prefer being with those that seem to be like us. Our friends are a reflection of who we are. The way you behave with your friends and how they respond to you tells a lot about you and help him know enough about you.


12. Your personality

A man will not like to chase one uncaring, aloof woman. It is as same as the way you will not like chasing a snobby, arrogant, rude and rowdy man.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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