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10 Non-Sexual Ways You Can Increase Intimacy In The Marriage!

By- Shreya Sharma

We marry someone to be with them permanently, it changes us and our life forever. After being with someone for months or years, it is natural to think about settling down together and starting your own family. You marry a person with whom you wish to spend the rest of your life. But after a while, people start to take each other for granted. Though you are committed to each other, the butterflies and romantic feelings fly away from the window and that is when you need to restore the intimacy in your marriage. Here are 10 non-sexual ways you can increase intimacy in the marriage.

  1. Spend time with each other every day

You are so busy with your professional commitments and have such busy schedules that spending time together becomes a hard task to do. To increase intimacy in your relationship, you need spend time with your partner every day. Sit and talk with him about your office life, funny incidents or cherish your memories, you will feel connected.


  1. Have date nights

To increase intimacy, you should schedule a date night every week where you can spend some quality time together. You can leave your kids with your relatives for a night. You can even plan a surprise date night for your partner to keep your relationship alive.

  1. Do activities together

It is ok to have different activities that you want to pursue. Figure out what you both enjoy and take the time to do it together. However strange or weird that hobby or activity is, do it as a couple and this way you will get to spend some time together and bond well. You will be excited and have new things to talk about.

  1. Go on couple vacation

Have a one day off that you will spend with each other. Take a mini vacation or go on a road trip or picnic or couple spa where you get to be pampered together. Do it at least once in a month. This way you will have the time to spend together and increase your intimacy.


  1. Go out with your friends and family

It is important to spend some time away from each other so that you have the time to miss each other. Plan a weekend trip with your friends or family, so that you can relax and gain peace of mind. And when you return you will have a million stories to share and a feeling to be together.

  1. Surprise each other

Try to know everything about your partner and use that to surprise your man from time to time. You can buy him tickets to his favorite sports match or you can cook his favorite meal or do anything that will make him happy.

  1. Work on physical intimacy

Hug your partner, kiss him, hold his hand or touch him; this will release a happy hormone in his body that will make him feel warm and happy. Sex is not the only act to do, kiss him when he leaves for work, hold his hand while walking on the street or hug him tight randomly.


  1. Be best friend to one another

Rather than complaining to your friends and family about his faults, think if there is something that is stopping you both from communicating with each other. Be each other’s best friend and the first person to go to when you are sad or happy. Celebrate each other’s achievements together.

  1. Do not let your ego win

Please do not let your ego come in between you two. Do not get jealous if your man is the center of attraction between your friends or family. Be the first one to apologize even if you think you are not wrong. If your man apologizes, forgive him easily. Do your best to put each other before your egos.

  1. Look into each other’s eyes while talking

Look deeply into each other’s eyes while talking and you will feel connected and closer to each other. This shows that you are paying attention to him, love him and care about him.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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