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If He Does These 11 Things, He *Loves* You Moon And Back!

By- Shreya Sharma

We all want our man to love us truly and that is what we majorly want in a relationship. We want our man to accept his love for us and say those three little magical words loud. But this is not the only thing that will prove his love for us; here are 11 things that will show that he loves us to the moon and back.

  1. Help me when I cry

I am an emotional person, so I cry a lot. I want my partner to be there for me and help me when I cry. I do not want the person who loves me to tell me to ‘toughen up’. If he gets awkward when I cry, then he does not love me enough.


  1. Give importance to my feelings

I do not expect him to put me before everything, but I want him to put my feelings first. People do not hurt each other when they love each other.

  1. Accept me with my flaws

If he loves me unconditionally, he should accept my flaws as well. I already have insecurities and doubts, and if he is adding to that, then this is not true love.

  1. Listen when I am talking

When I am angry about something and sharing my frustration with him, that is when I do not need his advice, all I need is his attention. I want him to absorb what I am saying; this shows that he cares for me. If he cannot focus on me, he does not love me.


  1. Manage his time for me

I want to feel that he too wants to spend his time with me. I want him to plan trips, date night and outings for two of us. If he loves me, he should manage his time to be with me.

  1. Be careful about my safety

He should take actions to make me feel secure so that I can feel secure in our relationship. I need him to wrap his arms around me when it is cold, guide me up in the dark stairs or cover me up in the crowded metro. This will show that he truly cares for me.

  1. Trust me enough

I will believe that he loves me when he can reveal his honest truths to me. If he cannot do this, I will believe that he does not trust and love me. I want to know he trusts me enough to share is dark secrets with me.


  1. Show me off and be proud of me

If it’s been while that we have been in a relationship and he has not introduced me to his friends and family, I will assume that he does not want to be with me. If he loves me, he should be proud to be with me. If he is not enthusiastic about me, he does not love me.

  1. Random kisses

I want him to kiss me randomly for no reason, it shows his passion for me and makes me feel loved and wanted. If he kisses me out of nowhere, just because he cannot help himself, I will know that he loves me for sure.

  1. To take me seriously

If I go to him with a problem, it means that this is something important and serious for me; he should make the situation light and meet me where I am. He should not laugh at me in such situation because I will consider that he does not love me.

  1. Tell me about his love

I will never know if he loves me until he utters those three magical words. He could make every gesture in the book, but it won’t be until he says it out loud. It takes a lot of courage to admit that you love someone. I hope that he thinks I’m worth risking his pride for.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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