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15 Ways You Can Increase Your Emotional Intimacy!

By- Shreya Sharma

Having a relationship that makes you feel safe and secured emotionally is the happy and healthy relationship. Not only physical intimacy but also emotional intimacy is important to nurture your relationship to grow.  Whether your relationship is in the beginning stage or it is been a while that you are together, being emotionally connected is important to let your relationship grow. Here are 15 ways you can increase your emotional intimacy.

  1. Communicate in every manner

With the advancement of technology, we can reach people anytime from anywhere. Use every form of communication to feel connected. Drop a mail to tell him how much you love him or text him even if you chat on any other platform.


  1. Be friends first

While building a relationship with someone, do not forget to work on your friendship first. In hard times being friends comes handy rather than just being lovers.

  1. Learn each other’s love language

Express your love with words of affirmation, physical touch, quality time, receiving gifts and acts of service. Know what your partner’s and yours love language is among these and it is sure to make you feel loved.

  1. Talk about your future

If you are in an exclusive relationship, spend time daydreaming about your future together. Talk about how your future will be, where you want your relationship to go. When you know you are on the same page, you feel closer.


  1. Go on picnic

Going on the picnic has some intimate vibes to it. It is romantic and emotional when you are surrounded by quiet nature, cuddling up together.

  1. Share your secrets

When you share your secrets, you establish trust. So share some private deep secrets once in a while to establish emotional intimacy.

  1. Look into eyes

Eyes are the window to your soul, so take your time to peek into one another’s eyes to feel connected and know what is going in your partner’s life.


  1. Talk about your childhood

We all had the childhood which formed us into what we are now. It is always good to share your childhood stories with each other.

  1. Go on an afternoon drive

An open road, you and him; there cannot ever be anything more wonderful and emotionally intimate than this.

  1. Hold hands

Holding hands can relieve stress. It is the way to show publically that you re with someone and you are happy to be with him.


  1. Try new things together

You have the opportunity to create new memories together. You will always have memories to cherish and it will be one sweet experience.

  1. Cuddle

Cuddling is a way to say that “I want to be close to you”. It is physically expressing your desire to establish emotional intimacy.

  1. Go on dates where you can talk

Go on dates to local coffee houses where you can sit all day and talk comfortably without the noise where you cannot even hear yourself.


  1. Slow down

Love can’t be rushed, so don’t even try. Just take things one at a time, you’ll be in the kind of relationship that is stronger and happier than ever!

  1. Kiss on cheek and forehead

Kissing on cheek and forehead is sweet and endearing. It is a nurturing way to establish a connection which cultivates your emotional bond.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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