13 Silly Things We Do When We’ve A Crush On Someone!

By- Someshree Banerjee

We’ve all been nuts about that handsome and popular guy at some point. Though the crush was pretty temporary and lasted for just a few weeks, the things that we did during that ‘crush-stricken’ time were damn special. Here are 13 silly and stupid things that we do when we have a major crush on someone.

  1. You’ve Googled Him

Admit it, by now you know all about him, probably even more than he remembers about himself. Starting with his favorite clothing brand to his distant relatives, you’ve successfully dug out every little piece of information available about him. His photos consist of an album in your phone gallery, and his birthday is one of the most important dates in your calendar.


  1. James Bond Mode On

You’re no less than James Bond when it comes to stalking him. You’ve stalked him on his Facebook, Twitter and Instagram handles and you’ve tried making more mutual friends. You keep on opening his Whatsapp chat to check his ‘last seen’ status. If he ever uploads a snap with a girl, you immediately start stalking that girl too…

  1. You Imagine You’re A Couple

You imagine those ‘dream’ conversations with him in mind. You’ve thought about him confessing his feelings for you, approaching you for a date and getting close to you. You’ve taken the love calculator games and played Flames to test your love. You’ve already dreamt of your future together…

  1. Talking More Often

You come online at the same hour as him to have a chat. You continuously check your phone to see if he has texted you or not. Every snap or status of him is liked by you – too obvious? Nah. You search for random topics just to keep the conversation going. All day long you just want to talk to him. You drop hints during the conversation to give him some clue about your feelings.


  1. Jealousy

You get jealous when he talks to some other girl or sits with somebody else. You feel hurt when he says good things about any other girl. Surprisingly enough, you even envy his favourite actress!

  1. Dressing Up When He’s Around

You make sure to look your best when he is near you to grab his attention. You’re looking fab AF all the time, just in case you bump into him. The plan is to have him swooning over you too before you know it…

  1. Seeing Him Is Bliss

You’ve got his daily schedule memorized, you know pretty much his whereabouts and you know all the places where he likes to hang out. So you tend to turn up at those places at his preferred hour to catch a glimpse of him. All you want is to be near him so that he gets to know you more.


  1. Your Lucky Day

The day he greets you a mere ‘Hi’, ‘Good morning’, or ‘Have a nice day’, and you exchange smiles with him, is automatically the best day ever. You feel positive about your feelings and start believing that he might be interested in you.

  1. Practice Session

You’ve written numerous love letters for him, but you’ve never shown him. You’ve even practiced confessing your feelings by standing in front of the mirror, but it just doesn’t happen. Though you try to sound confident and entertaining while you’re talking to him, you end up fumbling up everything and making a complete fool of yourself.

  1. Changing Yourself

You’ve tried being like him, so you have more in common. You’ve watched his favourite flicks, tasted his favourite food, read his favourite books and played his favourite sport. You gave up on that, though, once you realized he’ll soon catch on to what you’re doing, but hey, at least you can now hold a conversation about football.


  1. Being Open

You’re an open book to your friends, so all of them know about your crush on him. You all have given him a code name so you can secretly discuss him. You behave like his unofficially appointed lawyer if you have to defend him when somebody talks ill about him.

  1. Sincerely His

You’ve admirers yourself, but you can’t stop thinking about your one true crush. No one compares to him, and you want to see where this might go. You want to be true to your feelings for your crush, although he doesn’t have any idea about your feelings for him.

  1. Your Reaction To Him

All you do when he comes in front of you is blankly stare at him. You have murmured scores of compliments for him in your mind whenever you see him. You blush at the mere mention of his name. You try to make eye contact with him as much as possible, but whenever your eyes meet you instantly turn around breaking the contact.


Source –  Tumblr

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