10 Surprising Reasons People Wait To Breakup With Their SO!

By- Shreya Sharma

Breaking up with someone is a big decision because you go through emotional and mental turmoil and it is hard for you to move on. Though if you are in a toxic and unhealthy relationship, it becomes important to get away from your boyfriend, but just this is not the reason why people call off things or plan to break up, there are various strange reasons people wait to break up with their bae.  Here are 10 surprising reasons people wait to breakup with their boyfriend.

1. To drive around

to drive around

2. For presents

for presents

3. Dog love

dog love

4. Money!


5. Let him finish his project

final project

6. For the sake of panties?


7. To have a date

to have a date

8. For concert?

for concert

9. To find someone better

to find someone better

10. Waiting for Valentine’s Day

valentine's day

Source – Whisper

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