17 Things You Should Know Before Entering Any Relationship!

By- Shreya Sharma

The relationship might seem to be something full of love and passion and fun, but it has its own issues. Not every relationship is great. In your honeymoon phase, you will be wearing rose colored glasses and everything will look all love and perfect, but the actual relationship begins once you take your glasses off and that is when the actual problems come into existence. Here are 17 things you should know before entering any relationship.

  1. You are sure going to question about being together

It happens to everyone in the relationship, though the answer is really important.


  1. You will think about your ex

It happens with everyone. But it is a problem if you start to compare them and discover that you are still into your ex.

  1. You will have your own doubts

It could be because your partner did something weird, or because you just have the feeling or something will make you suspicious. The rest of the story depends on you trust level.

  1. Your partner’s actions will annoy you

It could be anything like picking nose, not cleaning the toothpaste out of the sink or chewing with his mouth open or anything.


  1. You will not always treat each other equally

And this will happened usually when you are in a dumb stupid fight.

  1. You will be stubborn at times

If you have not seen your stubborn side, then you will see it now. At times, you will get stubborn even when you are wrong.

  1. You will keep secrets

It is okay because everyone deserves to keep a few secrets.


  1. You both will be caught in a lie at least once

It does not matter if it is a big lie or small lie, but you will be caught.

  1. You will learn that forgiveness is not easy even if you love someone

Sometimes, some things will be harder for you to forgive.

  1. Sometimes you will be angry for no reason at all

It is natural to have a few days when you cannot stand your partner.


  1. Your family can be the reason for fights

Your families can be the reason for the fight, but you will reach a compromise eventually.

  1. You will fall asleep being angry

You might have a pact to never go to bed when you are fighting, but eventually, you will and this way you will have the time to think.

  1. Sometimes you will wish to call it off and walk away

You will even have to make the decision if you strongly feel so.


  1. You two will hurt each other

You both will hurt each other, sometimes you will deal with it, other times you cannot fix it.

  1. You might deliberately hurt each other

In the heat of the moment, you will do it on purpose.

  1. You will do stupid things

You will do stupid, mean, silly and romantic things.

  1. You will fight for no reason

And there will be lots of such fights.


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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