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18 Unintentional Things Guys Do That Surprisingly Make Girls Feel So.. HOT!

By- Shreya Sharma

It might be that your man is not aware of his actions or maybe he is, but certain of his actions are just too warm and hot to handle and make our heart melt and race. We are happy to know that those unintentional actions and gestures are oh-so-good that we cannot resist our urge to want them even more. Do not you feel the urge for your man to hold your hand slowly again? Here are 18 unintentional things guys do that surprisingly make girls feel hot.

1. Hugging for a moment too long.


2. Having a perfect scent of aftershave or cologne that is so addictive that you want to get high off this smell for the rest of the day. And having to use any of his clothing articles is a blessing.

3. Looking directly into our eyes and those occasional glances on our lips while talking with us.

4. Handling a tough situation without giving a single look of panic and comforting you saying “everything is under control.”


5. Licking their lips in the middle of the sentence and taking a pause in the sentence.

6. Being kind with servers and waiters at the restaurant and being sure about what he likes.

7. Giving you a shy smile when you compliment them or say that you like them.


8. Saying your name unexpectedly at the end of a sentence in a serious tone.

9. Sighing in a tone almost like moaning.

10. Being effortlessly good with kids and kids being comfortable with them.


11. Speaking in the hushed tone while talking about something really serious that makes you sit closer to him to catch his words.

12. Being really good and serious about their job.

13. Dancing with you even when they are terrible at it because they just want to have fun with you.


14. When they touch you unconsciously to assure you or get your attention. Their touch being firm and soft at the same time to make us feel good.

15. Complimenting you unexpectedly without expecting anything out of it.

16. Laughing really hard with you where you start crying and your tummy ache because you are lost in the moment.


17. Addressing old people politely and respectfully while helping them cross the road or carrying their bags.

18. Remembering little things that you once talked about and following up because they are curious to know about it. It feels good when someone pays attention to you.


Source – Giphy, Tumblr

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