21 *Dirty* Questions To Ask In 21-Questions Game For Sexy Time!

By- Shreya Sharma

The 21-questions game is as simple as it sounds. You have to ask 21 questions to your partner and he has to answer them honestly and truthfully. You can ask any type of question with your partner. This game will help you to know more about your partner if you go wisely with the questions you ask. You will get to know every little thing about your partner and you can decide easily if he is ‘the one’ for you. Here are 21 dirty questions to ask in a 21-questions game with your BF.

1. What was your age when you had your first French kiss? How was it? Was it good?


2. Has there ever been any situation when someone saw you naked accidentally? What was their reaction?

3. If we got really drunk, what do you think we would end up doing?

4. What are your thoughts about sexting? Have you ever done it?

5. For you, what is the difference between ordinary sex and making love?


6. Have you ever been caught masturbating or playing with yourself? What was their reaction?

7. When did you lose your virginity? Would you like to change that time?

8. Has your partner ever laughed at you when she saw you naked for the first time? 

9. The biggest turn on for you?

10. How great a kisser you are according to you? What is your opinion?


11. The strangest place you have had or want to have sex?

12. What do you like the most about opposite gender physically?

13. What is your greatest sexual desire?

14. What do you wear when you go to bed?

15. What is your concept of exciting foreplay?


16. What is the kinkiest request you have ever got from your partner? Did you work on it?

17. Do you enjoy dirty talking?

18. Are you wearing any underclothes right now?

19. What was your thought when you had your first sexual intercourse?

20. Have you ever sexually fantasized about me? If yes, give details.

21. If you get the chance to take off one part of the clothes I am wearing, what it would be and why?


Source –  Giphy, Tumblr

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